DeSantis Sent Police to Remove Soros-Backed Prosecutor


Florida Gov. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that he had suspended Andrew Warren, the Soros-backed state lawyer, after his declaration that it would not enforce any Florida laws restricting abortion and transgender surgeries for children.

DeSantis stated that “State Attorneys have a responsibility to prosecute crimes according to Florida law.” He also said that they cannot pick and choose which laws they want to enforce based upon their personal agenda. It is my duty to ensure that elected officials in Florida meet the highest standards of integrity for the citizens of Florida. I trust Judge Susan Lopez will guide the office through this transition, and uphold the rule law.

This story is as amazing as DeSantis’s stand for the rule and law was. According to the executive orders, DeSantis ordered police to expel him.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is asked to assist Andrew Warren in his immediate transition from the Office of the State attorney for the 13th Judicial Circuit of Florida. Access will be limited to his personal items.

DeSantis told Tucker Carlson on Fox News Thursday night that Soros prosecutors all over the country have “basically taken it upon themselves” to decide which laws should and should not be followed.

DeSantis stated, “Here’s What Soros is doing-it’s actually clever on his part–they cannot get these things enacted at a legislature where you just gonna allow criminals to run amok.” He will participate in these Democrat primaries within a Democrat region. He will spend a million dollars to help the radical win the primary. Then they often win the general due to the difference in party affiliations within the jurisdiction.

DeSantis said, “So then, you get them into there, and they do what they want to do, which is change the criminal justice systems through non-enforcement. It’s basically a complete end run around our constitution. It has been a disaster for the country. It also undermines the notion that our government is supposed to be one of laws and not of individuals.