The FBI Doesn’t Know Where Hunter’s Laptop Is


Rep. Matt Gaetz (R. Fla.) clown-slapped Bryan A. Vorndran on Tuesday, the assistant director of FBI’s Cyber Division. Vorndran admitted that he did not have any information about Hunter Biden’s location on “laptop from hell” and said he had no idea.

Vorndran stated to Congress that he doesn’t know where the laptop is located and that he does not know who SHOULD know. It’s strange, given that Vorndran is the assistant director for the FBI’s Cyber Division.

Gaetz spoke out about the laptop’s “international businesses deals, kickbacks and shakedowns”, which could potentially harm the Biden family.

It is amazing to see Gaetz smash Vorndran like a cheap steak, but it is also frustrating that the assistant director for the FBI’s Cyber Division has “no clue” about Hunter’s laptop. Gaetz told him he didn’t have the answers and that it wasn’t in his control.

Gaetz discussed Hunter’s business dealings and whether it could pose a problem for First Family.

Gaetz asked, “Has anybody at FBI Cyber been asked whether or not the laptop creates points of vulnerability?” Vorndran also dodged this question.

Gaetz laughed and continued: “Have you assessed whether or not this Hunter Biden laptop has compromised the first family?” Vorndran was dumbfounded and claimed that he didn’t know anything.

You don’t have it. It’s not yours. “You know, you discussed earlier whether you were the Grant Hill or the Christian Laettner. It sounds like you’re the Chris Webber trying to call out a time when you don’t possess one,” Gaetz said, referring to two legendary college basketball matches.

In the face of Gaetz’s relentless attack, Vorndran almost pleaded for the Fifth. He couldn’t find the answer to even simple questions. Vorndran doesn’t know what the answer is.

Vorndran mumbled, “Sir. Again, we can do that back and forth for a couple of minutes,” Vorndran said. “I don’t have any information about the Hunter laptop.”

Gaetz took Vorndran further to the shed and asked him, “Does anyone know who we should ask these questions to?” He didn’t know the answer.

“Can you find out?” Gaetz asked.

Vorndran responded, “I will be glad to take your request back to FBI headquarters.”

The video ends on a happy note. Gaetz declared, “Mr. Chairman, I ask unanimous consent to enter into this record, the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop which I possess,” Gaetz held up a computer drive. ShaZAM!

Rep. Nadler (D.N.Y.), being coached by someone, retorted that he wasn’t …. and would object pending further investigation.

Nadler and Gaetz exchanged emails, and Gaetz asked permission to add Hunter’s receipt from the repair shop where Hunter left it in Delaware. Nadler did not object.

Go ahead. The contents of the laptop 51 “intel experts” considered “Russian disinformation”, aren’t likely to disappear anytime soon.