The Chinese Know We’re in Cold War II. It’s Time for Us to Understand the Same.


Nancy Pelosi (D.Calif.), Speaker of the House has been criticized by the Chinese government. Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson from China’s Foreign Ministry stated that China was ready to host her visit to Taiwan. China has the ability to take strong and effective measures to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity if the United States wants to do its thing. ”

The Wall Street Journal reported that China has intensified its efforts to restore semiconductor manufacturing. This could make some buyers more dependent on China to produce advanced semiconductors. However, the majority of the rest are manufactured in South Korea.

China’s dependence on foreign semiconductors is one of the best defenses against Chinese aggression. If China invades Taiwan, Taiwan may lose its infrastructure and its semiconductors.

China seems to not be aware of this growing advantage. Shi Yinhong, an international relations expert at Beijing’s Renmin University, told the Associated Press China will take unprecedentedly harsh measures and that the U.S. should prepare for military action if Pelosi visits.

What should we do in the West?

The United States should stop pretending China will soon change its mind. As China’s demographic and economic models change, Xi Jinping is likely to continue his stance. China’s long-term outlook looks grim. China’s economy has become a paper Tiger, rooted in debt. China also doesn’t have enough people to support its massive spending.

The United States must realize that it is already in Cold War II and China. We need to increase our economic power, deregulation, energy production, and tax reduction. Refunding military funds at the necessary levels to sustain wars on two fronts requires us to refund the military. This also requires rebuilding the navy, whose ship numbers have dropped to lower levels than they were before World War II. The United States must diversify its supply chains for goods, commodities, and services. These supply chains will be closed to China and China will not have access to the most advanced technology.

The United States must refocus its energy and ire on other countries. This has created a toxic politics that continue the destruction of our social capital. It was a communist threat to America and its allies. This lesson will be needed again by Americans during Cold War II.