The Biden Administration Has Found a Sneaky Way to Compile an Illegal Gun Registry


The Biden administration is not shy about wanting to be as involved as possible in the lives of Americans, especially with regard to guns.

The administration doesn’t want anything more than gun control. A national gun registry would be the first step in confiscating guns. It’s simple: If the feds know who has what, it makes it easier to pursue law-abiding gun owners.

Although some states have gun registry systems, the law does not prohibit the federal government from compiling one. The law does not prohibit the administration from sneakily using executive agencies to collect gun use data.

Here’s how it works: Every year, the Department of Commerce sends out a Commodity Flow Survey (a census survey) that ends in either 2 or 7.

Erick Erickson outlined the information the Commodity Flow Survey requests on Friday’s show:

Shipment ID number, shipment day, month, and year. The shipment’s value and the amount of the shipment in pounds. The commodity code, which is a list of the Department of Commerce, the description of the shipment, a hazmat no if applicable, the mode of transportation it was taken, the country and city from which it was sent, and, if it was domestically, the zip code and state it was in. This does not include the physical address but the city, state and zip code.

It’s 2022 and the year of the Commodity Flow Survey. The surveys are normally distributed to random samples of businesses. However, this year, a large portion of the survey went to accessory companies for guns like scopes or holsters.

If companies don’t complete the survey, they could face a fine. However, only one fine has been issued in this survey’s history. It was in 1994. The companies that received this year’s surveys expressed concern about the consequences of the administration compiling so many gun accessory information at once.

Some companies have retained counsel to fight the bipartisan bureaucratic excesses of the Biden administration.

Erickson also agrees with the assertion that the administration is pursuing this outrageous overreach without regard to the rights of American citizens.

This administration will do anything to push its far-left agenda. They may even use administrative data to pursue legal gun owners. These people must be stopped. That starts with voting GOP in 2022.