Stacey Abrams Says Being Pro-Choice is Part of Her Religion


There are numerous examples, but the effort is immense. Pro-abortion liberals who claim to be religious will go to any length to convince voters that abortion is acceptable within their faith.

Pope Francis has reprimanded Joe Biden as a “Devout Catholic”, for not only supporting abortion on demand until birth but also for referring to the inexcusable practice of killing unborn children as an essential health service.

Nancy Pelosi was recently excommunicated in San Francisco by the archbishop. She regards late-term abortions as sacred ground. Only the complete lack of moral certitude can surpass this hypocrisy.

We have Georgia Democrat, gubernatorial hopeful, and “woman-of-faith,” Stacey Abrams.

According to The Blaze, Abrams tried to justify the oxymoronic in a July video she shared on social media. She said: “The decision I made to be pro-choice was exactly part of my faith.”

In a video Abrams shared on social media in July, as reported by The Blaze, Abrams attempted to rationalize the oxymoronic: “The decision to be pro-choice is exactly part of my faith.” She added: “I cannot strike down another person’s rights simply because I don’t agree.”

Abrams’s attempt to make a buck out of her “woman-of-faith” nonsense is equally as bad or worse.

As a woman of faith, my faith is not to be used to harm others. It should instead be used to protect. I can’t take down someone’s rights just because I disagree with them.

These people are simply not ashamed. Worse? They don’t care a damn.

Another amazing moment in the video is when Abrams, who once again supports the murder of unborn children until they are born, incredulously stated that her faith says, “You protect them and you wrap their love around them.”

Abrams was not just ranting about abortion in the video above; she has a long history of supporting on-demand abortion. Abrams stated in a Yahoo News interview that she believes politicians shouldn’t interfere with women making decisions about whether or not to have an abortion. Her own religious beliefs also support her pro-abortion rights views.

It is a medical decision. It is a medical decision. And although your faith tradition might tell you otherwise, it is not my right, as a Christian, to force that value system upon someone else. The value that should be overriding everything is the freedom to make our own decisions, the free will that God gave us. As a legislator, it is my responsibility to ensure that doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals have the right to make medical decisions. Politicians should not be involved in this process.

It’s there. Abrams believes that medical professionals should be able to make decisions about life and death for the most vulnerable of us — those who are unable to do so for themselves.

Coupla questions, Ms. Abrams.

Why would a disinterested nurse or doctor have the “right”, as you claim, to end the life of a perfectly healthy, unborn human being? This is not a medical decision as your claim but a moral and/or faith-based one.

Oh, and Ms. Abrams! Hypocritical as hell, your statement regarding the role of politicians during the ongoing abortion debate. You claim that all other politicians, presumably pro-life ones who are committed to protecting unborn children, should be excluded from the abortion debate. However, you and your proabortion comrades don’t just remain in the controversy but you also continue to fan the flames.


We both know that you are just trying to get votes. This is a horrible way to live.