Texas Man Covered in Blood Arrested After Wife Found Shot in the Head, Police Report


A man was arrested by Texas police after they found him covered in blood, following the shooting death of his wife in an apartment in San Antonio.

The police responded to an Oak Creek Apartments call at 7 am on Monday. When they arrived, a 44-year-old man was acting strangely and covered with blood.

“He was acting in a very strange way as he walked up and down this sidewalk,” said Sgt. Steven Bratina. “One person called, thinking that he could step into traffic.”

As the police dealt with this man, another emergency call was received.

Bratina said, “At the same time we received a call regarding a dead body in an apartment.” “The officers entered the apartment and found a body.”

The man allegedly said that he had been covered in blood from his wife, who was 51 years old. The man was arrested without incident and charged with murder.

The police found a firearm near the crime scene and believed that it could be the murder weapon. However, this will only be confirmed through forensic tests.

Mayra Orta told KENS-TV she had gone back to sleep when she heard a loud noise just as the police arrived to confront the suspect.

“I heard a sound like a shotgun but I thought it might have been a fireworks.” I didn’t peek out, but he was screaming and using the F word. I thought that it might be someone else.

She added, “I’m sorry for the deceased.” “But now that this happened so close to me, I’m going to be more aware even though I already am.”