Mystery Surrounds Deaths of 3 Chiefs Fans; 5th Friend Named, Family Claims Victims ‘Saw Something They Shouldn’t Have Seen


Three weeks have passed since the death of three Kansas City Chiefs football fans in suspicious circumstances. The families of those football fans are still seeking answers.

As previously reported, on January 7, a group of close friends gathered to watch the Chiefs play the Los Angeles Chargers during the final regular-season game.

Ricky Johnson and David Harrington went to Kansas City to watch a friend’s game.

McGeeney’s fiancee was unable to contact her future husband. Willis, the party host, was unable to reach her.

Fox News reported that a friend of the men, Kaylee la Tier, had written on Facebook that “her son had ‘banged [Willis’] door for twenty minutes.” Lyndsey Blake reported that she and her friends had attempted to reach Willis for 24 hours without success.

After not hearing back from McGeeney for two days, Willis’ fiancee visited his home on the 9th of January and made a shocking discovery.

According to the police report, the woman entered the basement after the front door was unanswered and found an unknown body on the back porch. When the officers arrived, they confirmed that there was a body there. The officers found two more bodies in the backyard.

The fiancee of Willis told police she had screamed at Willis, but he did not respond.

Willis claims that he did not know that his friends were outside of his house. Willis claimed that he slept for almost 48 hours following the NFL party.

Picerno changed his statement later, saying that Willis had slept “a great deal” during the two days. He also said that he probably didn’t hear anyone at his door due to his noise-canceling headphones.

Picerno claimed that Willis had escorted McGeeney and Johnson out of his home and then slept on a couch.

The Kansas City Police Department stated that Willis “cooperated” (with detectives)

Capt. Jake Becchina, of the Kansas City Police Department, stated that this case will not be investigated under murder. There have been no arrests or charges, and nobody is in custody. “At this time, there are no threats or concerns specific to the local area.”

Picerno claimed that Willis let the police enter his home without a warrant or with an attorney present.

Ross Nigro is an attorney for Johnson’s family, and he told Fox News that the police had conducted a second warranted search on 11th January.

Picerno claimed that “none” (of the people he named) called him on his cell phone.

I believe his fiancee sent a Facebook Messenger message. He claimed that he did not receive the message before the police arrived.

A spokesperson for the Kansas City Police Department confirmed that no one was in custody. There has been no evidence of foul play.

Picerno stated that his client left his home because he was afraid of “retaliation”.

 Picerno said that the group was made up of four men. Now, he says that he misspoke and it is five men.

Andrew Talge, the attorney for the fifth party, told WDAF TV. After the Chiefs’ game, his client left Willis’ home at midnight. The others stayed to watch “Jeopardy”.

The Daily Mail reported that Alex Weamer Lee, a long-time friend of mine, was the fifth player on the football team.

Harrington’s mom, Jennifer Marquez said Harrington was “the best she ever knew” and that “she would do everything (she can) to find out exactly what happened that night.” ” “

Marquez said to Fox News: “Yes I do believe Jordan was in the events that happened that night. We all believe Jordan was there.”

Marquez said, “Jordan doesn’t tell the truth. When you lie, your story will change.”

Harrington’s dad, Jon Harrington told Fox News he “didn’t buy” the story. He said that he also “doesn’t believe what Willis’] attorney says.”

Jon Harrington said on Thursday, that he and his mother [Harrington] are both convinced Jordan Willis was involved in this.

The house used to have four people, but there are now only two.

The senior Harrison responded, “I know that they used some questionable substances, but they aimed to survive. I’m certain they will all have different answers. But what is their question?”

Johnson was arrested after his father found him outside without a jacket, something he claimed he “never did”.

The night before the Chiefs’ game, the temperature was 33 degrees.

Michael Baden, a forensic pathologist, theorized that fentanyl could have been responsible for the tragic event.

According to Baden, and Fox News, if all four people took the drug together, one of them might have slept it off, while the three others who were disoriented could not have worn their coats. The combination of hypothermia and freezing temperatures may have caused their deaths.

Baden stated that the drug can cause disorientation. The drugs cause rapid loss of consciousness, similar to sleep.

He said, “If everyone drank the same amount of alcohol at the same time, they wouldn’t all collapse at the same time.” Alcohol affects people differently, and they metabolize it in different ways.

Frontier Forensics awaits the toxicology reports from the Kansas City Police Department. It could take up to six weeks for the toxicology report.

Willis is a Ph.D.-holder and the senior principal scientist of IAVI Neutralizing Antibody Center, located in Kansas City. According to reports, he works from home.

Norma Chester claimed that Willis could have poisoned her son as well as three of his friends.

Chester told a reporter early in this week that he believed the man had created something, and given it to the three men. What could have occurred?

Picerno referred to the allegations of drugging and poisoning as “ridiculous”.

Jonathan Price questioned Willis, Johnson’s older brother. Why did he sleep on a Monday if he had a Ph.D. in science?

Price stated this in a “Fox & Friends” interview.

Willis owns at least two dogs. What was the reason for not allowing them to leave the yard where the dead men were lying?

Picerno claimed the dogs were with Willis’ father.

Nigro reports the fifth man recalling that there were dogs at a soccer gathering.