Texas City Left Unpoliced After Contract Dispute Pushes 40 Officers to File for Retirement in 1 Week


The Texas Police Department has warned that staff shortages have left large sections of Austin “unpoliced”. This warning was issued after 40 officers were forced to retire within a week of a contract dispute.

Dennis Farris of the Austin Retired Officers Association said Monday that Austin’s Police Department was in “dire straits” and facing a near-imminent staffing shortage.

Farris reported that 150 Austin Police Department officers contacted the association to file for retirement. Six of these officers are highly ranked.

Farris stated that he fears that there will be a mass exodus of senior people with long-term. Therefore, you’re going to see a Department in which the average time served was in the high teens and then it drops into the low teens.”

He stated that many law enforcement officers quit their jobs due to dissatisfaction with their salaries and lack of respect from their council.

Farris stated that it’s not just about the money. It all comes down to how much respect they receive from the city council and less than one individual.

A few weeks ago, the city council decided to end a four-year contract with the department. Instead, it voted for a one-year contract. The board of the police union rejected this proposal.

Fox News Digital received information from an Austin Police Department officer indicating that the radical activist movement to discredit police likely influenced the council’s decision.

A source said, “It is my belief that radicals, activists within the city have such a grip on our elected officials that they at some point during this last year or so, their plans changed. ” “They said, ‘O.K. ”

Farris expressed concern about the consequences of staff shortages within the department.

“Shifts are sent out every day with at least one sergeant or an officer. But sometimes, only the sergeant turns up.” He said that large areas of the city were not being policed on a regular basis.

Farris claimed the council was “emboldening criminality” and that it had given in to calls to defund police officers and refused to support them.

Criminals know that politicians who don’t support the police force are a threat to their freedom. Farris stated that they can’t do what they want if the city doesn’t support them.

Farris claims there may be up to 100 vacant positions within the department as a result of the retirements and other changes in personnel.

After a “street takeover”, Austin’s responding officers had to flee the city. After the crowd started throwing rocks and bottles at the officers, they had to leave Austin.

“Austin policymakers have direct responsibility for the safety of their citizens, and visitors.” It appears that they have not made the right decisions and continue to defund and destroy public safety.

Eric Johnson (Dallas Mayor) tried to use Austin PD’s exodus as an opportunity to recruit retiring officers to the Dallas Police Department.

On Saturday, Johnson posted on Twitter, “If you work for Austin PD, are still interested in protecting and serving, and are considering retiring from the profession, don’t. Come work for the residents of ⁦@CityOfDallas⁩ by joining ⁦@DallasPD⁩. We want and need you.”