After Bashing Natural Gas, Oregon Gov. Installs $300K Natural Gas Generator at Mansion


Oregon Governor. This is the latest example of leftist elites making rules only for you and not for me. Tina Kotek, who campaigned for Oregonians to limit natural gas use, has reportedly had a $300,000.+ natural gas generator installed at her gubernatorial residence.

Bill Gates won’t switch to grasshoppers while climate alarmists fly the globe in polluting private planes. Oregon’s Democrat governor clearly believes that natural gas restrictions are for ordinary citizens and not special politicians. She is happy for citizens to contribute to her improvements to her mansion. According to The Post Millennial, Kotek has a dual natural gas-propane backup generator installed at Mahonia Hall, the official governor’s residence. Kotek, however, claimed that she would make it easier for Oregonians “to buy and charge electric cars” while running for governor.

Tina for Oregon’s campaign website still lists this priority as a priority. It states that “Transition away from the use fossil fuels such methane gas in buildings and homes” but it would seem like 100% is an exaggeration if there was a costly natural gas generator at the governor’s mansion.

The City of Salem permit was cited by the Post Millennial, as well as the official bid. According to the former, the project involves “Adding piping from existing NG Utilities (natural gas) Utilities” and “adding a new generator to the facility.” The official bid states, “The project also includes upgrading the utility service with back-up dual natural gas or propane.” A full building services generator is added to the facility in case of a power outage.

The project by Kotek will cost a staggering $308,934, according to Larson, a talk radio host. Larson said that this is four times the cost it “should reasonably be” based on the estimates of the contractors he consulted. According to The Post Millennial, the project will also include a 500-gallon propane tank and a new outdoor concrete pad that is “covered with a brand new pergola structure.” Oregon’s Department of Administrative Services is listed as the purchaser of the bid.

Kotek was one of two lesbian governors elected to the United States in November 2022. This is yet another example of a Democrat diversity hiring proving to be hypocritical and incompetent.