Ted Wheeler’s Reign of Terror in Portland Comes to an End


Ted Wheeler, a Portland resident, has declared that he does not wish to be the Mayor of Antifastan anymore. The Portland Mayor announced Wednesday that he will not run for reelection. He told a public distracted by the fact that they no longer feel safe in their own town, and cannot afford groceries and gas. Wheeler had left Portland City Hall long ago, as we all knew.

Wheeler’s common sense began to unravel soon after his 2016 election. Wheeler handed the con of “Portanic’ to his left side and never looked back at the debris left behind.

He’s now leaving after destroying his city.

The suggestible, home-grown product who, after high school, went to Stanford and Columbia sat down, displayed his stomach, and sent a message to the crazies.

Wheeler fell victim to the 2016 leftist election virus Trump Derangement Syndrome. He gave his scepter over to Antifa, and BLM, and sat back and watched as they destroyed civil society in Portland.

Wheeler’s tenure in office was not a time of peace. After the George Floyd death in Minneapolis, leftist catastrophists Antifa, BLM, and other radicals terrorized parts of the city before, during, and after the 2016 elections. Wheeler’s City was under siege from firesetters, terrorists, and violent transvestites.

Wheeler then joined them. Wheeler said, “I would like to thank the thousands of Portlanders that came out in support of racial equality” and called federal officers guarding the federal courthouse urban warfare.

Wheeler believed he could bridge the gap between the extreme left and Trump by using mutual hatred. He told a crowd of protesters federal officers guarding a federal building were an “unconstitutional employment.”

He would regret those words. He walked with a reporter from the New York Times to the federal building that protesters and rioters firebombed. They pelted police and the building, and even the building itself with projectiles. Rioters hurled fireworks and flash bangs into the building. Officers and federal officers fired back with chemical gas in order to disperse crowds. Wheeler was among the crowd.

Portland police did not make any arrests despite protesters in the audience kicking and kicking the police commissioner Wheeler.

As the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents could attest, any federal officers who were in the city were harassed and followed. They also suffered doxxing and attacks. Wheeler joined the group of people who destroyed the city, not those who built it up. They still hated Wheeler.

One Oregonian sent me a message saying, “It does not matter who [next] is.” Every mayor in the past 20 years came from the same ideology. We would still be in the same position if other people had won the last five races.” He continued, “If Portlanders were self-respecting, they would have strapped that jackass to a heavy piece of wood and dumped him into the river long ago.”

The former Multnomah county chair and state treasurer gave Oregonians some hope that he would turn the city around from its dysfunctional, autocratic ways. Wheeler was overwhelmed by Trump’s Derangement Syndrome and forgot about his job. He became someone who had the emotional intelligence of a freshman college student.

Wheeler, Portland’s next mayor, will serve until 2024. He leaves behind an angry downtown, overtaxed residents, angry business owners, and a reputation for ruining the city.

In the next election, the city’s powerful mayoral system will be thrown out, which makes the job of the mayor less interesting. The number of council members will increase in the near future, and rank choice voting, which is a disaster, will be used to fill the room with far-left. A city executive will be hired for the day-to-day operations of the city.

Wheeler is not to be blamed for all the mess he leaves. He had plenty of help. After a series of leftist politicians who were merely plug-and-play, the city is now a crisscrossed mess of bike paths worth millions of dollars that connect homeless camps to drug-addicted people on the street. This dystopian nightmare was created with the help of many.

Wheeler’s controlled demolition of Portland was superior to the Antifa woman he faced the last time.