Ted Cruz Berates FBI Deputy Director For ‘Stonewalling’ Investigation Into Biden Bribery Allegations


Ted Cruz, a Republican senator from Texas, scolded FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate on Tuesday for allegedly “stonewalling”. an investigation into the alleged bribery plot of President Joe Biden in Ukraine.

According to reports, an FBI file revealed that Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zochevsky, owner of the oil company Burisma discussed $5 million in bribes with Biden and Hunter, his son. Cruz confronted Abbate during a Senate Judiciary Hearing on Tuesday about the alleged ‘politicization and weaponization’ of the FBI.

The senator said, “You have an obligation to be honest with the American people about any evidence of corruption on the part of the President of the United States.”

The deputy director responded, “This is not a topic I will be discussing with you Senator.”

The senator told Abbate that the FBI was “stomping on” and “covering-up” the allegations made against Biden and family members.

Chuck Grassley, Republican Iowa Senator, claimed that there were 17 recordings of Zlochevsky talking to Biden and Hunter. Abbate, the Texas senator, refused to confirm or deny that these reports are true.

Cruz replied, “See? That’s the issue.” “The FBI – and I have had this conversation too with [FBI director] Chris Wray – this is why you’re damaging the institution.” The American public has a right of information about whether or not there are serious, credible proofs that the president of the United States accepted a $5,000,000 bribe.

“And, by the way, Chairman Durbin just looked away if this is false. We would have had a hearing if Chairman Durbin was interested in the rule-of-law, but the Democrats do not want to hear these allegations. And, just so we are clear, if these allegations are false, who can disprove it? Joe Biden. “He could have asked for the FBI to release this information publicly, but they are stonewalling.”

Abbate denied “stonewalling”, which led Cruz to say that his constituents are considering abolishing the FBI in Texas for “doing harm.”

Cruz continued, “You are sitting there happily erecting an iron wall to protect Joe Biden.”

The senator asked for the evidence to determine if the allegations of a bribery scam were credible. Abbate told Cruz that the FBI “will work” with the committee, but he did not answer directly the question of whether or not the allegations made against the FBI were being investigated by the FBI.

The deputy director refused to answer directly whether the informant was reliable or not in other investigations.

As the time for Abbate’s questioning expired, Cruz said to him: “You refuse to answer.” “It’s disgraceful. “It’s disgraceful Director Abbate. Disgraceful.”