Tea Leaf-Readers See Signs of Dem Preparations to Dump Biden in ’24


The bad witch is right. It is unusual for an incumbent president not to throw his party out of office without creating chaos and disgrace. It is evident that the president was the one who suggested it. His partisans, and Biden has many of them), would have shouted bloody murder and torn the party apart.

Many Democratic lawmakers and party leaders are disappointed with President Biden’s inability move the majority of his agenda through 2022’s primary season. They are skeptical of his ability to save the party’s fate in the midterms and see him as an anchor that will be removed in 2024.

Joe Biden is safe away from anxious backbench members, and low-ranking party officials. Still, the movers and shakers listen. To spot low approval ratings and polls, you don’t have to be a political genius.

They listen and are successful politicians. They should be able hear that their party will get a royal shellacking in October and beyond.

The nation’s problems are growing and the tired base voters show low enthusiasm. Democrats from all parties are concerned about Mr. Biden’s leadership, age and ability to defeat former President Donald J. Trump.

Interviews with nearly 50 Democratic officials (from county leaders and members Congress) revealed that the party is alarmist at the Republicans’ increasing strength but very pessimistic about the future.

Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi were elected as party leaders. Their combined experience in Washington politics is over 100 years. They don’t seem to panic, and a revival of the Democratic Party is possible. It is unlikely, however. They also know that the president’s removal would only make things worse.

These Democrats worry that Joe Biden will not be there after all the chaos of the midterms has been cleared. The powerful Democrats need to accept that Biden is too old for the presidency. Or should they just give up?

Anyone who has listened to Biden even for five minutes in any speech or interview will see this. It is absurd that he could continue to serve as president for six-and-a-quarter years. The fact that Axelrod has spoken on record as the House Organ of the Democratic Party manages this section indicates that Democrats want to force him to resign.

Andrew McCarthy’s NRO article explains the situation as clearly as you can. Biden’s infirmities are not something anyone wants to talk about while he is still at the nuclear switch.

Worse, Biden seems to not be aware of his own declining health. He will not be able make the transition from retirement to resignation until he does. Schumer and Hoyer can help. They know Biden better than anyone, and can help him face the realities of his age and the precarious political situation.