Steve Doocy’s Bold Take on Joe Biden’s Tripping Woes Sparks Controversy


As we reported Tuesday, Joe Biden was having a bad time with another trip/slip on the stairs leading up to Air Force One when he was departing for California.

It was even though he only had to climb a few steps. He still had problems, almost fell, and had a slight trip.

When the shortest of stairs is not short enough, you might have a serious problem.

Fox’s analysis of the situation only added to Biden’s embarrassment. Fox’s reporting about how they have to dress Joe Biden due to his issues is bizarre.

Biden’s report stated that he has more trouble wearing dress shoes. Therefore, they have been dressing him with sneakers. He was wearing dress shoes on Tuesday when he fell.

According to a second report, he also had a Secret Service agent at his side who helped prevent a real head.

“Can’t someone just carry him up the steps?” Steve Doocy, co-host of “Fox and Friends”, said this, perhaps only half-jokingly, when the Fox panel was discussing the problem. The panel laughed.

How embarrassing is this? Does that convince Jill Biden, or anyone else in his entourage to get him out?

They don’t, as they seem to have no sense of shame or bottom and do not want to stop this.

Doocy’s comment is brutal, but it’s important because he’s being honest. Many in the media want to ignore this issue or put a positive spin on Biden’s issues to defend him. This is where Biden is at right now, and it’s scary that he might not be able to walk up or down stairs without having a problem.

What do our enemies think as they watch this? This guy, who is supposed to lead the free world, wants the people to vote for him in 2024. You wonder why bad actors are gaining ideas all over the world and getting out of control.

What can you expect from this man in four years, or even today, with so many problems? According to Robert Hur, he cannot be prosecuted for his inability to remember when he served as vice president. How could anyone vote for such a thing?

Donald Trump Jr. summarized it well.