Pelosi’s Shocking Tweet Blaming GOP for Teenager’s Death Debunked


Some Democrats will say and do anything to gain control of the situation, regardless of who they hurt.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi is a good example of a Democrat. She plays this game of saying that she is doing everything “for the kids” while smirking and laughing as she says it.

Her comment about the death of an Oklahoma teenager and her attempt to blame Republicans for it is vile.

Nex Benedict, a 16-year-old student who identified herself as “nonbinary”, was involved in an altercation with another student in the bathroom of her school. The next morning, Benedict was admitted to the hospital for a “medical crisis” and died. The family claimed that Benedict was bullied and had bruises on his face as a result of the fight. The police have not commented yet on the cause of this altercation.

The preliminary findings of the medical examiner showed that the teen did not die as a result of trauma.

Police said that any further comment on the cause is pending until toxicology and other testing results have been received. The official autopsy report is expected to be released at a future date.

Pelosi did not wait. She was too busy trying to use this teen’s suicide to attack Republicans. Pelosi did this although she had just posted a tweet Wednesday stating the death was not due to trauma and despite the fact the article she cited stated it wasn’t clear if this death was connected to the incident in school.

The death of Nex Benedict, who was brutally attacked in the bathroom of their high school is shocking and heartbreaking.

Our children are suffering from the anti-trans fervor that is fueled by extremist Republicans in every state.

Transphobia must be challenged

Of course, Pelosi has been educated on the truth by many, yet she still refuses to remove the false tweet.

Pelosi then uses the death of a teen in a false way to attack Republicans. How low can one go when they do such a thing?

Nancy, your concern that children do not undergo radical changes in their bodies before becoming adults is not an “anti-transfer” fervor. It’s pro child care. The Democrats’ stance on this is what’s “extreme”, especially when they do things like Pelosi.

You shouldn’t use children and tragedies to advance your political agenda.