Stanford’s Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative Is Unintentionally Hilarious


Twenty years ago, as the drive to eliminate words and phrases from everyday speech that are perceived to cause injury to non-white and male people began to gain momentum, I realized that there was very little in the English language that should be restricted.

Stanford University, the Harvard of the East and Harvard of the West, does not give up on the development of the “proper nomenclature”. Stanford claims that there are many phrases and words that transcend the boundaries of sensitive and empathic usage.

Stanford established the “Elimination Of Harmful Word Initiative” to stop students, professors, and anyone else associated with the university from making the sacrilege of stepping on the feet or hurting the feelings of the oppressed.

They’d have been astonished at the feats Don Rickles pulled off at Stanford.

The Wall Street Journal:

Stanford won’t let you “master” any subject anymore. The school warns that “masked research” can be beneficial and useful, but it is not possible to “master” the subject.

The index labels it “Gangbusters” because it “invokes the police to take action against “gangs” in positive ways that may have racial undertones.” To write such stupid things you needed a graduate degree in the humanities.

This is utter nonsense. Instead, use “surprising/wild”. Avoid using “surprising/wild” instead.

It is not possible to use “American” because it is “imprecise”. Instead, use “U.S. citizen” instead.

Here’s why “circle-the-wagons” isn’t a valid term. This phrase was created by Hollywood movies about settlers migrating to the west. It is a term that means “savages will soon” and indicates that a group (Whites) is being attacked.

I beg your pardon. I beg your pardon. A group of bitter-end Confederates was attacked by Mexican bandits “. To defeat them, they made a circle with their wagons

There are restrictions to ensure that you don’t use inappropriate language. The entire file must be downloaded and you will need at least one gigabyte of storage.

A trigger warning was added to the list with (to add an additional forbidden word: “This website contains harmful or offensive language. You can use this website at your pace.

It was clearly too big for the school staff to handle. The password is so secret that you can’t see it and think it’s a joke.

This is why Stanford made this baloney. The University will have to hire more administrative staff in order to support 16,937 students.

It is hard to believe that college can be so expensive.