Biden Administration Close to Victory in Its War on Decent Lightbulbs


The Biden administration will declare that it is closing in on ending America’s obsession over lighting. The Department of Energy has created a new rule that will “phase out compact fluorescent light bulbs in favor of LEDs”.

The Department of Energy was given the mandate by Congress to save money for American consumers. LEDs now cost a tenth of what they were a decade ago.

The deflection can be seen.

That’s a definite no. LEDs are a pain for old people who need more light to read. The light source has to be closer to the surface that needs to be illuminated. And it’s not a soft, white light that’s easy on the eyes.

But, in order to be gung ho about saving the planet, we must have good lighting.


Zaidi said that LED lighting technology had advanced tremendously since its inception. It produces better light for a fraction of the price.

According to the Department of Energy, LED bulbs can last three to five years longer than compact fluorescent or incandescent bulb. LEDs also emit less heat and use less energy than incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs.

Zaidi said that a light fixture would cost $10 per annum if it were to be used every year.

This is amazing and I’m happy to support anyone who wishes to lighten up their home with LEDs.

Why do leftists and greens want to restrict our freedoms?

DOE estimates that the proposed changes would reduce the planet’s warming emissions by reducing 131 million tonnes of carbon dioxide and 903 000 tonnes of methane over the next 30 years. This is approximately equivalent to 29 million households using electricity in a single year.

Jennifer Granholm (energy secretary) stated that the changes would help reduce energy costs, keep money in the pockets of American families, and decrease our nation’s carbon footprint. ”

LEDs are widespread. CNN reports that almost 50% of US homes use LED bulbs for indoor lighting. This compares to just 12% in 2015.

It is not a major issue, and no one will be offended by it. Because the government decided to regulate the lighting of our homes in light of the huge battle against CO2 that kills the planet, it is something no one wants to do.

I imagine that the light bulbs I use will be available for the next decade or so. But someday in the near future, the last decent light bulb will disappear from store shelves and online stores and the world will be poorer for it — and less bright.