Spring Breakers Run Rampant: Savannah Left in Shambles, Echoes of General Sherman’s March


General William Tecumseh Sherman sent President Abraham Lincoln a cable in December 1864 after he had completed his drive towards the sea, and cut the Confederate States into two halves. He said, “I am presenting to you the city of Savannah as a gift for Christmas.” Savannah was likely not in the best shape due to Uncle Billy Sherman’s Southern campaign and the “bummers,” who accompanied him. It made for a mixed Christmas gift.

Every year, Savannah is subjected to another destructive invasion. The invaders tell the ghost of General Sherman, “Hold my beer.”

Spring break is also known as spring vacation.

In Savannah, Ga. violent brawls fueled by alcohol broke out during the Orange Crush annual gathering, including one involving two topless females.

In a shocking video shared online, the annual Tybee Island Spring Break bash saw many fights break out. The popular beach was littered with trash that revelers left behind.

Two women are seen in a clip on X lunging at one another before exchanging punches.

The tops of their bathing suits flew off during the fight, causing a huge reaction in the crowd.

A clip of the fight that was shared online shows the woman being dragged and thrown to the ground while holding onto her wig.

Men and women are seen in multiple clips swarming the boardwalk while fights continue.

Savannah is not the only city to witness such riotous attacks on the order of the community. But this one seems to be a real shocker.

This raises the question, why does the community tolerate this?

The Mayor made some comments about the invasion last year:

In a press release, the former Tybee mayor Shirley Sessions stated that last year’s Orange Crush Festival was “admittedly too large and chaotic.”

Sessions, who promised to take measures to control the situation, said that Tybee Island was fortunate to have not lost any lives or property.

The Mayor says it’s “fortunate” that no one was killed and no property was destroyed. It’s “fortunate” that drunken brawlers occupied the city’s beaches for days. The bar is so low that a champion limbo dancer would be challenged.

It would seem that Savannah is experiencing a leadership crisis. There shouldn’t need to be any closures of the beaches or liquor stores (since the city probably doesn’t have control over every inch of the beach). Place a reasonable law enforcement presence at the beach. Show that drunken and disorderly behavior and/or brawling in public will result in a night spent in the drunk tank, and a substantial fine. This will discourage all but the worst and allow police to concentrate on the most dangerous offenders.

Another thing: From what educational institutions do these people come? It would be fascinating to know the average GPA for these students who have mastered the art of fighting and drinking. There are unlikely to be any future Nobel Prize winners among them.