Biden Courts AOC, Criticizes Israel in Earth Day Spectacle


As Joe Biden was on his umpteenth vacation in Delaware, pro-Hamas zealots erupted with violence and harassment at college campuses. The president returned to the United States on Monday. Would he be ready to give some tough words and show the leadership America needed?

No, of course not. Biden instead flew to Virginia to promote Earth Day alongside Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. He sucked up to the radical Congresswoman and made a jab at Israel.

Ocasio-Cortez has consistently acted in bad faith, pushing for policies that would lead to the wholesale destruction of this country. She has repeatedly acted in bad faith by pushing for policies that would destroy the country from its economy down to the rights enumerated in the Constitution. If Biden “listens to that lady,” it would explain a great deal about why his presidency was such a disaster.

The congresswoman has also been a Hamas supporter and has long sought to punish Israel for its willingness to defend itself. Ocasio-Cortez cried at one point after the House approved funding for Iron Dome, a pure defense system. If she had her way, thousands more Israelis would have died by rockets and missiles in the last six months.

It is disgusting that Biden would pander to her and say “We’re going to talk about another area of the world too, very quickly.” He is giving a gift to an antisemite, who wants to destroy Israel to appease terrorists. So, that’s the situation, I suppose, and there will be no consequences for the president’s moral cowardice.

In his speech, he also made it clear that Biden was a liar.

He cites almost every forest fire as being caused by arson or idiotic land-management practices, mostly in left-wing states (90 percent of wildfires are started by humans). No evidence supports the idea that “climate changes” are somehow causing trees spontaneously to combust. Biden and other people continue to blame it for all wildfires because it fits with their narrative.

It wouldn’t be Biden without making it all about him. The president is a classic narcissist who must always claim that he suffered under the same circumstances as those he addresses. After all, he’s like the reverse Forrest Gump. He claims to be present at all events no matter how absurd his attendance might be.

At least he has changed his story and stopped claiming that these oil slicks caused him to get cancer. It’s a big step for someone who would not know the truth even if they were punched in the face.

Biden couldn’t even read the teleprompter on a screen that was in front of his face.

It is comforting to know that these people are currently leading our nation. Women who don’t think you should be allowed to use gas stoves and men who can’t figure out how to walk off of a stage. These are the real adults.