Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Mistake Could Cost Him His Case Against Trump


The team of Special Counsel Jack Smith has admitted that they incorrectly stated they had provided all the required evidence, as mandated under law, in the classified document case against Donald Trump.

This is a way of saying that you were caught in the act of prosecutorial misconduct.

The prosecution “discovered” a video that was intended to be used as evidence, but had not been properly processed. It also hadn’t been uploaded on the platform designated for the defense during the investigation.

The discovery was made just as the authorities were preparing to indict Carlos De Oliveira the Mar-a-Lago estate manager for his alleged participation in a conspiracy to delete surveillance footage on the estate. Trump denies these allegations and claims that the videos were “handed to the thugs.”

Smith’s team acknowledged in a recent filing that the Government’s assertion at the hearing on July 18, “that all surveillance footage obtained by the Government prior to the indictment was produced, was therefore incorrect.”

Just The News reports that “all CCTV footage obtained by the government has been provided to defendants according to Smith’s Team.” According to the Brady rule, prosecutors must disclose all information and evidence favorable to a defendant.

Why is this important to you? Jack Smith is a partisan prosecutor with a long history of prosecutorial misconduct. He has also failed to obtain convictions for Democrats and has been known to distort the law to get convictions for Republicans.

Smith was successful in convicting former Republican Congressman Rick Renzi of a land exchange deal. The case, however, was marred with prosecutorial misconduct including illegal wiretaps and witness tampering. Smith led the prosecution of former Republican Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. The case was badly conducted and overturned by Supreme Court because it had an overly wide interpretation of criminal conduct.

Smith seems to be up to the same dirty tricks to please the Biden administration, and to make himself an icon of the left. Was Smith consciously withholding evidence from the defense? It sure looks like it is based on his past. There’s still more. Smith could also have neglected to review records provided by former New York City police commissioner Bernard Kerik in July, which Kerik’s lawyer described as “absolutely exonerating.”

Will Smith’s case against Trump be thrown out for prosecutorial misconduct? It’s possible.