Progressive Pundit Calls Out Colleagues for ‘Garbage’ Identity Politics


It’s always good when “journalists” on the left eat their own. On Thursday, Ana Kasparian, a so-called “progressive”, pundit, slammed her colleagues on the left for their “garbage identity politics”. Kasparian, who was utterly exasperated, declared: “I’m finished.”

Moreover, Ms. Kasparian’s words were meant to be taken literally.

Kaparian, the co-host, and producer of The Young Turks (a leftist “news” online show), took it on the chin during a discussion about feminism. She argued that the left should “fight for a better economy system” — ahem, instead of focusing on name-calling or making up terms that would lead to “more fighting.”

Some of you may have noticed that I am done with identitarian garbage. I’m over it. It’s a huge distraction. And the more I focus on it, the more obvious it becomes.

Kasparian’s diatribe was ablaze with anger and fervor, but she never lost her focus and continued to drive the leftist nail home.

Let’s put all that aside and focus on the identitarian things. The identitarian stuff is by nature divisive and causes more conflicts. Even amongst us, there is more conflict. That’s not the point. Sorry, that was a little off-topic, but it had to be said.

CNN and MSNBC declined to comment.

Will Kasparian’s co-workers heed Kasparian’s warning? No chance. But here’s an even better question for those of us who are conservative: Can we admit to doing the same thing ourselves?

Please note that I did not ask if we conservatives or pretend conservatives are doing it. I asked if we could admit to it. Can we stop it?

I don’t think so, either. At least, not until the Republican Party, with its sometimes toxic, always divisive, and circular firing squad, turns its guns — figuratively, of course — against the real enemies of the American people, and realizes that the nation as we know is in danger and seems to be becoming more and more dangerous by the day.

The Party of Lincoln cannot afford to continue to destroy itself from the inside. From name-calling at the slightest hint of disagreement to politics of destruction to putting the election of 2024, and even the races of Republican candidates down the ballot, in danger, it is not possible. Denying that this is happening right now is denying reality.

Joe Biden and his Democrat Party will do anything to give us the 2024 elections on a plate, but we continue with our absurd internal wars that could help the Democrats hold onto the White House.

I’m fully aware that I might as well spit into the fan, but when will enough finally be enough? When it’s too late?

Better yet, how ’bout we knock it off before it’s too late?