Speaker McCarthy Threatens To Hold FBI Director In Contempt Over Joe Biden Document


Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the House, has threatened to hold FBI director Christopher Wray in contempt if he does not produce an allegation of possible wrongdoing on the part of President Joe Biden.

“Let’s tell Director Christopher Wray right here and right now that if he fails to meet the deadline for today, I will bring contempt charges against him in Congress. McCarthy told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday that we have jurisdiction in this matter.

“He can submit the document. We have the right to examine it, Republicans and Democrats in the committee. If he doesn’t follow the law, then we will bring contempt charges against Christopher Wray, the FBI. They are not above law.”

The House Oversight and Government Accountability Committee led by Kentucky’s James Comer has repeatedly asked the FBI to produce an FD-1023 which details an interview conducted with a confidential source. Sources told FBI officials Biden had been involved in a $5,000,000 bribery scam when he served as vice president. Comer gave the FBI until May 30 to produce the document.

“We asked the FBI not only to provide this document, but also to inform us of what it did in order to investigate these accusations. The FBI failed to investigate both allegations. Comer, after the FBI ignored an original deadline for producing the document on May 23, said that the FBI has a position of ‘trust but you’re not allowed to verify’.

The Oversight Committee has launched a number of investigations into business dealings by the Biden family. Republicans in the Oversight Committee claimed that during Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president, members of his own family set up a number of limited liability companies to do business with foreigners. These companies received over $10 million in payments.