Exploring an Unconventional Form of Irrational Fear


The left loves to use this canard to attack anyone who disagrees with the LGBTQ (and sometimes Y), accusing them of being afraid of gays, lesbians, and transgenders. We hear “Homophobic!” or “Transphobic!” all the time. But there is no evidence that anyone who adheres to the traditional gender norms would be afraid of anyone.

Although we are used to the melodrama from the left, this whole “phobia” issue is especially egregious. A phobia is an irrational anxiety. Psycom Pro explains: “According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a specific phobia can be classified as anxiety disorder and is characterized by a fear of a particular object or situation which does not present a danger.”

Let’s face it: Nobody is afraid of drag queens or of Pete Buttigieg, for example. We do not see evidence of the antitrans violence, which the left says is rampant. Nor do we know the discrimination and hatred that the cult would have us believe are widespread in this country.

People are more concerned with the cult of the LGBTQFFS grooming children, radical gender theories in schools, and the crazy cultural shift towards LGBTQ nonsense. All of this is not irrational and we can’t call these concerns phobias. Parents, religious people, and other concerned citizens do not fear. They are resolute in their beliefs and hold fast to them.

Look to the left if you want a glimpse of those who are running in terror. The left is terrified of the Pride cult and always walks on eggshells, obeisance in terror. Leftists would never offend anyone from the LGBTQ group, even if that meant offending other people.

Look at the Los Angeles Dodgers. Recently, I wrote about the Los Angeles Dodgers Pride Night event in June. The team wanted to honor the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence drag troupe. The Dodgers canceled the invitation when Catholic groups, politicians, and other Christians raised concerns about the award due to the group’s sacrilegious behavior.

The Dodgers gave in when the LGBTQ mob squealed, and the Sisters returned to their place of honor. The Dodgers’ front office did not just state that they changed their mind but instead issued a pathetic apology promising that the organization will “better educate” themselves, because it is terrified of the LGBTQ crowd.

Companies all over the world are vying for the approval of the LGBTQUGH group; they want a literal stamp of approval from the gay rights lobby. This is a reversed scarlet letter. It looks like a rainbow or an equal sign. Anheuser-Busch lost its gay-friendly label after it failed to adequately cater to the trans community following the backlash over Bud Light’s sponsorship of Dylan Mulvaney.

Nearly every company’s page on social media displays the pride flag and its ever-more-ugly variations that accommodate new forms of sexual perversions for an increasing period of time around June. The Rainbow Mafia is a constant threat to big businesses, and they are always afraid of losing their approval.

I wrote on Sunday about the death of Tim Keller. The pastor, theologian, and author, Keller angered both the left and right by trying to remain above politics. I came across a report about the Princeton Theological Seminary’s decision to not award Keller in 2017. The school decided against it because they felt that giving Keller such a well-deserved award would “imply an endorsement” of Keller’s belief that churches should not ordain homosexual clergy.

Princeton could not have just decided to deny Keller the award. The school allowed Keller to speak, but its president made a point to say that they “do not silence voices within the church”, especially those who accused Keller of having a “toxic theology,” for adhering 2,000 years to Christian orthodoxy.

I could list a number of examples where corporations, cultural leaders, and academics have bowed to the works-based, graceless woke religion, which Toby Young has cleverly referred to as “Wokus dei”. The LGBTQ mob may want to portray those who reject the pride-cult doctrines as being afraid of “moral progression,” but it is those who are desperate for the mob’s approval that lives in constant fear.

Tell me, who is really phobic?