San Francisco’s Flagship Whole Foods Store to Shut Down Over Prevalent Drug Use and Crime in the Area


KRON4 reports that Whole Foods in downtown San Francisco will close abruptly one year after it opened.

Safety for employees was the main reason the company closed the store.

Whole Foods Market spokesperson said, “To ensure the safety of our Team members, we have made it difficult to close the Trinity shop for the moment.”

They added that all team members would be transferred to one of our nearby locations.

Matt Dorsey (a local supervisor in San Francisco) expressed his dismay on Twitter.

Dorsey stated that she was terribly disappointed, but not surprised by the temporary closing of Mid-Market Whole Foods.

He said that although the supermarket was a long wait for the neighborhood, they are also aware of the safety concerns associated with nearby drug markets and theft.

The supervisor announced then a new proposal for legislation called “The San Francisco Police Department full staffing Act.”

This act will “re-establish minimum levels of police staffing” and require certain budgetary provisions to be in place over a five-year period to ensure a fully-staffed municipal police force in San Francisco.

According to the plan, there should be an increase in police officers of at least 400 over the next five years.

Dorsey pointed out a chart showing that the city has about 400 officers below the recommended levels. The chart shows that San Francisco’s police force is at its lowest level in 15 years.

Whole Foods was the largest grocery store in San Francisco, covering nearly 65,000 square feet and selling more than 3,700 products.

The store was opened on March 10, 2022. This marks approximately 13 months of existence.

Former employees at the grocery chain claimed that they were unlawfully fired for protesting a ban on BLM masks being worn by employees. A U.S. District Judge dismissed the lawsuit, noting that the company didn’t treat workers differently from other employees.