Comedian Rips Apart Lori Lightfoot In The Most Creative Way Possible


Stavros Halikas, soon to be a household name comedian, shared a clip from an upcoming special in April in which he gives one politician his worst compliment.

Halikas is best known for his podcast “Cum Town” and was present in Chicago when the conversation turned to Lori Lightfoot, the former mayor of the city. “I’m sorry your funny little mayor must go. It’s so awful,” Halikas said to the crowd, who screamed with laughter.

He described Lightfoot as “visually, one the funniest people ever,” and said that anyone looking like her would have to be competent in their job. He continued, “Technically you have to be a savant in order to reach this higher-level. You surely can’t be a horrendous mayor while looking that funny.”

In between jokes about Lightfoot and his sexy doctor he shared a lot about how sexy people can be great at their jobs. Halikas said, “If you had the choice of a doctor, you’d choose someone who has been through adversity.” You would choose a tiny, bug-eyed, black lesbian. Because society treats them poorly, you would choose someone who can make it through medical school. That’s how I think about politics.

“Shout out Lori Lightfoot. He explained that you can be ugly and fuckin’ bad at your job, and still succeed. He also said that it was sad to see Lori go because she was a “scion of the stupidest and most ugly in society.”

Chicago’s reputation as a poor city was transformed by Lightfoot’s leadership. It became a dangerously violent and crime-ridden metropolis. Lightfoot ensured that many major businesses fled the region, taking most their capital with them.