San Francisco Judge Orders Public Release of Footage Related to Alleged Attack on Paul Pelosi


The October 28th, 2022 attack against Paul Pelosi (ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi) has been surrounded by misinformation. An NBC investigative report, which was aired but then retracted because it allegedly contained the dreaded misinformation, was even aired. The narrative kept changing and the ball kept going.

The story about the attack on Paul Pelosi was removed from the news because the courts prevented the details from being released.

In October, the shocking news broke that Nancy Pelosi’s husband had been attacked at their home with a hammer. The story was raging for a few weeks as conservative news outlets and loose-tongued Republicans were accused of being behind the attack against Paul Pelosi. Soon, however, more details were revealed that supported the initial outrage reports. The story quickly faded from the news cycle.

It suddenly became the story that reporters couldn’t keep quiet about and the one no one was allowed to discuss. NBC News pulled all reports about the attack on the night. The reporter was suspended because their story was too memory-holed. The Washington Post columnist Philip Bump forgot he was a journalist and delivered a speech explaining why the public should not have footage or other evidence from that night.

Even though the chaos subsided and the false narrative that Republican violence caused David DePape’s attack against Paul Pelosi was debunked, San Francisco District Attorney’s Office refused to release footage from the attack night to the media or the public. This was until attorneys representing the press coalition filed a January 11th filing, arguing for public and press accessibility and asserting their rights to access court records and proceedings.

On Wednesday, a judge granted the access and ruled that the San Francisco District Attorney must release the footage.

After a judge denied Wednesday’s request by prosecutors to keep it secret, footage of the attack against Nancy Pelosi’s husband as former Speaker of the U.S House will now be made public.

Stephen M. Murphy, a judge at San Francisco Superior Court, ruled that there was no reason for the footage to be kept secret. This is especially true after prosecutors showed it to open court last month during a preliminary hearing. Thomas R. Burke, a San Francisco-based attorney who represented The Associated Press and a number of news agencies, said that Murphy had made the ruling.

Following a court hearing, Murphy was handed the evidence by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office on Wednesday. Murphy requested that Murphy’s court clerk’s office distribute the evidence to the media as soon as possible, which may happen as early as Thursday.

This is a major coup for both the press and the public. This will help to clarify many of the unanswered questions. It will also provide insight into the shifting stories and shifting reports between federal law enforcement agencies and the San Francisco D.A.’s Office.

The San Francisco D.A.’s office continued to block the release of the footage, saying it would fuel false information regarding the attack. As if that wasn’t the norm since October.

According to the district attorney’s office, public release of the footage would allow others to manipulate it to spread false information.

The news agencies however argued that it was crucial for prosecutors to share publicly their evidence that could disprove any false information about the attack.

Burke stated that you don’t have to eliminate public access because of conspiracy theories.

Surprised no one, the San Francisco D.A. The San Francisco D.A. did not respond to a request for comment. San Francisco D.A. Brooke Jenkins will probably have to meet with Nancy Pelosi in order to hear the points.

The Associated Press sent an email to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, but they did not respond.