Adam Schiff Creates Surprising TikTok Video After Being Kicked Off Intel Committee


Sometimes life is a parody and today is one such day.

As we previously reported Kevin McCarthy, the House Speaker, removed Rep. Adam Schiff from the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. This triggered a lot of gnashing of teeth and a request from Hakeem Jeffries, House Minority Leader, for re-election. McCarthy was able to stand his ground and tell Jeffries to “pound sand”. The Speaker also criticized the media for misinterpreting the move.

Being the shameless attention seeker that Schiff is, Schiff couldn’t accept his own actions. After lying about a variety of topics to the American people and trying to get social media companies to censor speech, Schiff is now ranting about his removal from Intel Committee. He seems to believe that it is his birthright to be on one of the most important and powerful committees in Congress.

It was the medium Schiff who chose to weep on those raised eyebrows.

It is amazing. McCarthy reprimanded Schiff from the Intel Committee, believing that he was a security threat and should not be trusted with sensitive information. What does Schiff do? He makes a video about a program that was found to be Chinese-controlled spyware. It’s almost as if the California congressman was trying to prove the Speaker wrong.

Didn’t the government ban TikTok use by Congress members and other government employees? The obvious conclusion would be that Schiff was using a personal device. But what kind of judgment does it have to use a Chinese spy application to record a video complaining about being expelled from a committee that handles top-secret information? It shows poor judgment.

Schiff is ineligible to serve on Intel Committee. It’s as simple as that. To get some publicity, he would use an app that could threaten national security in order to be able to appear on cable networks. This is so ridiculous, the Chicoms must be laughing.