Rich Men North of Richmond’ Remix Goes Viral


The ripples from the viral hit “Rich Men North of Richmond” by Oliver Anthony, an unknown country singer, keep on going. Since its release last week, the song has been a hit on every streaming platform, with 18 million views as of today. The music that Athena described as “should scare the bejeezus out of the Left” has now inspired another artist to produce a new version.

A man who goes by The Marine Rapper, has added rap lyrics to “Rich Men North of Richmond”. The song is now even more powerful.

As the kids say: That track is fire. The Marine Rapper samples the guitar lick from the original and then uses it to support his rap lyrics.

The women who gave birth to us.

Our daughters and sons are the ones who nurse us.

Our entire family is traveling

We work hard to earn our pay.



How much longer can I take this?

It only looks like I received half my paycheque

What can I say to a child?

You told me to read this statement out loud:

Dear Mr. Lott: I know you have been working every day, round the clock.

You have to provide for your family

You laid off?

Your boss, Sincerely

PS I’m Sorry

Doesn’t this sound outrageous?!

What if you went home and said that?

Tell your daughter that you are broke.

When your boss gives you change, you will take it.


I don’t just accept things.

I don’t like to be lazy

What I earn is what I do.

I just want my money.

(Lord it is a damn shame!)

There is something happening in our country. There is a growing movement in America where regular people look around and realize this isn’t the America they thought it would be.

The song is a scream from the soul of America, and many singers have joined the chorus.

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