GOP Senator Calls for Impeachment of DA Willis Over Trump Probe


As former President Donald Trump faces yet another indictment, his supporters are growing increasingly frustrated with House and Senate Republicans in Washington, who are not exactly running to microphones to defend Trump. But after the most recent indictment in Fulton County, Georgia, at least one state lawmaker has had enough and is fighting back.

Colton Moore, a Republican State Senate in Georgia, represents the 53rd State Senate District, a region north of Rome, in the northeastern corner of the State. Moore wrote a letter on Thursday to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp announcing that he will be pushing for a special session of the Georgia legislature to investigate the actions of Fulton County prosecutor Fani Wilis.

House Speaker Kevin McCarty released a statement via Twitter that stated:

Justice is supposed to be blind. But Biden weaponized the government to attack his political rival to influence the 2024 elections. A radical DA from Georgia has followed Biden’s example by attacking President Trump to raise money for her political career. Americans are able to see through this desperate sham.

Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Tayor Greene have also spoken out against the indictment. They have all called for a “two-tier justice system.” The Senate’s Minority Leader Mitch McConnell remained silent about the latest Trump indictment. This has become a standard for him.

“Finally a leader that is standing up and fighting against the epidemic of corrupt District Attorneys who are drunk on their power. ”

Mike Davis, former chief counsel on nominations for the Senate Judiciary Committee, is president of the Article III Project and believes it is possible.

The Bidens are on the payroll of Chinese and Ukrainian oligarchs, and there is evidence to prove it.

Fani Willis, a D.A. out of control, continues to attack Donald Trump, making an example of him by asking questions and challenging the deep state. If Gov. Kemp grants a request for a special session, and Moore, his colleagues, and others get to the point of defunding Willis, or even impeaching her, Willis may just be made to look bad.

It is unclear when Colton Moore, his colleagues, and Gov. Kemp will respond to the question of a special session. Also unknown is when an investigation into Fani Willis or any impeachment proceeding could start. If Republicans at the national level refuse to fight back it may be time for state legislators to go above their heads.