Reuters Videographer Killed in Middle East Conflict


Reuters confirmed on Friday that a member of their crew who was covering the conflict between Israel and Lebanese terrorists along Israel’s northern border had been killed.

In a press release, the news agency stated that it was “deeply saddened” to hear of Issam’s death. “Issam Abdallah was part of a Reuters team in southern Lebanon that was providing a real-time signal.”

Reuters has said that it is working closely with the authorities in the area to get more information about the attack that killed Abdallah and to support Abdallah’s family and co-workers.

Reuters reported that journalists Thaer al-Sudani, Maher Nazeh, and others were injured. They are also seeking medical attention.

According to the Associated Press, an Israeli shell landed on a group of international journalists who were covering clashes at Israel’s border. In the collateral damage, one person was killed and six others were injured.

Hezbollah, a terrorist group in Lebanon, said that it had targeted Israeli military positions on the border as Israel waged war against Hamas, a Palestinian terror group to the south. Israeli Defense Forces responded with artillery and tank fire to the fire coming from Lebanon.