Republicans Might Find a Way to Blow It for November


This week, we’ve spent time examining the different options for Republicans in November. We have mostly focused on what the Democrats could or might not do in order to avert what many believe will be electoral chaos.

But we are dealing with Republicans, who have a tendency to be their worst enemies.

Last Friday’s column was a look at possible problems for the GOP. Here’s one:

Second, and probably more likely, Republican lawmakers will alienate voters who may not always be reliable but still want to vote for GOP candidates. This is in addition to the ridiculous gun bill that Squishy McMittens (and his ilk) helped pass. These people will then be voting with their middle finger in November. Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema can’t save the GOP. Then the Romney wing will take over.

This was less than a week back and here we are. Yesterday Mitch wrote about the House’s same-sex marriage bill.

With 47 Republican votes, the bill passed the House. The Senate now seeks the support of the GOP to codify same-sex marriage in federal law. They also need 60 votes to avoid the filibuster.

CNN reports that four Republican senators have stated they support the bill so far. Eight said no and sixteen were undecided. Twenty-two others did not respond.

Let me clarify: None of my concerns about this have to do with same-sex married couples. It’s all about the Republicans again playing into Democrats’ hands. It’s only a handful of them, but it’s still a terrible look at the moment.

The reason the Democrats are flailing lately is that they prioritize social issues over inflation, gas prices, and the fact that President Trump keeps shaking hands. This bill was signed by a handful of stupid Republicans, which gave legitimacy to an obsession that the Dems haven’t been able to get any momentum with.

It’s this type of thing, as I wrote last Friday that will cause people who had planned to vote for the GOP in November to stay home. Many people would love to see the Dems go out of the polls, but they aren’t as convinced about the GOP as the top echelon Republicans.

The D.C. Republicans Romney/Cheney wing has far too much time to prepare for the election.

Going into November’s midterms, the Republican party doesn’t need to appear to legitimize this radical left group of Democrats bent on devastating the United States. The next thing you know, it’s all over.

Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell need to ensure that all smoke detectors work right away.