Former Clinton Advisor Has a Terrifying Prediction About Hillary


Dick Morris, a former advisor to Bill Clinton, says Hillary will run again for president in 2024.

Morris writes for NewsMax and argues that Clinton’s leftward lurch in the Democratic Party will draw Clinton in as the only “moderate,” who can stop Trump from winning a late second term.

You guys, he’s serious

Hillary Clinton will be under increasing pressure to run as leftist candidates emerge in the Democratic primary. Similar to Biden’s unexpected 2020 entrance, Democrats will look up to Hillary Clinton as their savior and an experienced politician who can bridge the gap between the more moderate and left wings of the party.

Morris also noted that PJ Media writers have indicated that “Democrats” and large media such as The New York Times are aware that Biden won’t be running again in 2024.

It is speculation that President Joe Biden will run again. Karine Jean-Pierre, White House spokesperson, stated last month, without looking at her binder: “Yes, he is running for reelection.” “I can’t tell you more.”

Biden didn’t run for president in 2020. He was able to “campaign” from his basement during the COVID-19 panic, often releasing edited campaign videos and calling lids much earlier than a healthy person.

How would Biden deal with the stress of a campaign in 2024? He is four years older.

Morris stated that his “insiders” know better than anyone that Biden’s rapidly declining mental abilities and an economy spiraling out-of-control are a recipe for disaster for Democrats in ’24.

So “It is evident to me that Hillary’s recent media interviews,” Morris wrote “are a prelude for her announcement she’s running.”

“Hillary will run again” is nightmare stuff for a nation in its third year demagoguery and COVID madness. It would be worse for Bill, who is now too weak to manage his campaign interns.

Take this with a grain of salt: We’re talking Dick Morris. Morris jumped over babies and knocked down people for 30 years to see a TV camera.

Morris also knows people who know people, so who knows? The column of Morris could be used as a Clintonista test balloon to see whether there is acceptance for another Hillary campaign or if the terror will outweigh all else.

I trust I have the right answer.

Hillary will run again.