Reporter Faces Backlash After Controversial Term for Inverted US Flags


There are times when you read, see, or hear something that makes your eyes roll back so far into your head, it gives you headaches. This is especially true when it’s from the mainstream media.

People who read a tweet by NBC News reporter Ryan J. Reilly on Wednesday or Thursday had a good time.

According to his Twitter bio, Reilly covers the “justice beat”. He’s also trying to sell a book on how the Capitol Riot “broke the Justice System.” His obsession is the J6 defendants and their charges. He follows the latest developments, Zaprudering videos, etc.

On Wednesday, Reilly referred to the case of Dale Huttle who he described as being “one of the more violent participants” of the unfortunate events that occurred on January 6th.

Conservatives were more interested in his second tweet about Huttle. In the tweet, Reilly referred to Huttle’s “Alito style” of flying his American flag on that particular day. In his screenshot, note that the Feds did not use the term “Alito style” in the original:

Reilly was referring to the hit piece on Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, where Martha-Ann flew the flag upside down ten days after the Capitol riot as a response to a positivist neighbor who had gone berserk. This is used to suggest that the Alitos were sympathetic to the J6 defendants. According to his critics, he cannot be impartial when it comes to any case involving J6 or 2020.

Reilly, it seems, also believes that Alito must recuse himself. This was his way of expressing this.

It is not a thing to fly the American flag in “Alito style” any more than it is a thing to fly it “BLM style,” as others have pointed out.

You can also find this:

This was a reference to a now-deleted Tweet from Reilly, in 2014 during the Ferguson riots when he worked as a Huffington Post journalist. He thought earplugs were rubber bullets.

It’s important to note that it was not Justice Alito, who flew the American flag upside-down. Martha-Ann was the one who did it, as she confirmed in an audio tape obtained by a left-wing activist/filmmaker posing as a Christian conservative. She wanted to provoke the Alitos and get them to say something that they could use against them.

Reilly’s tweet only served to further erode the trust in the media. You may think that you hate the media, but in reality, you don’t.