Obama Steps In to Save Biden After Another Awkward Gaffe


This was no less embarrassing than it would have been if Biden had pooped his pants.

As you may know, Joe Biden bailed out of the G7 Summit to attend his star-studded Los Angeles fundraiser. The event raised $28 million for the Biden Campaign, a far cry from Trump’s $54 million in the first 24 hours after his phony verdict in New York City.

Trump’s contributions came mostly from small donors, not celebrities or donors with deep pockets.

But I digress.

Biden’s Fundraiser proved that Joe Biden does not just need Hollywood celebrities to raise money, but also Barack Obama to talk about policy in their private conversation. Obama had to also play the role as Biden’s manager, since Biden was involved in another incident when he froze up on stage. Obama had to grab him by the arm to get him moving.

Do you find that normal? Biden was lost and confused.

It is only the latest of a series of incidents that raise serious questions about Biden’s cognitive health. Biden was confused and dazed as he deplaned Air Force One last week. He needed help from others to find his way. Biden’s speech at Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund “Gun Sense University”, a conference held by the fund, was also notable for its slurred words and lack of sense.

Even more disturbing was the awkward moment Biden had during the Juneteenth celebration at the White House. He seemed to freeze while the people around him applauded and performed enthusiastically in response to gospel singer Kirk Franklin’s performance.

Biden appeared motionless with a vacant gaze for nearly thirty seconds. He seemed unaware of the surroundings. Philonise Floyd’s brother George Floyd noticed Biden’s eerie stillness, and placed a gentle arm around him. Only then did Biden snap out of this trance.

Internet speculation was also rife following Biden’s visit to Normandy for the 80th anniversary D-Day. One clip that has gained a lot of attention shows Joe Biden repeatedly bending down in front his wife Jill who had temporarily stopped her presence at Hunter Biden’s federal gun trials to help Joe Biden. Others believe it was an instance of spatial disorientation. It was speculated that it might have been related with a loss in bowel control.

Biden has been the subject of many rumors about him soiled himself. Many believed that Biden had an accident on the White House lawn last month. Biden’s cognitive decline is so rapid, that it is not a matter of whether you believe or not. Many people don’t believe that Biden is mentally fit enough to debate Trump.