Remember When Biden Promised to ‘Restore the World Order’?


Rarely has the candidate’s campaign rhetoric been so shockingly wrong in such a short time in political history.

Joe Biden, when he was running for president promised to “fix everything Donald Trump had done.” All the damage Trump had caused to America’s alliances, the hurt feelings he caused by his mean tweets about world leaders and all the help he gave our enemies — all these wrongs could be rectified if only Joe Biden was elected.

Voters elected Joe Biden and America is now on the brink of disaster. America’s post-World War II international order is at risk of being totally overthrown by Vladimir Putin, a Cossack thug.

The world doesn’t organize itself. To effectively address the most pressing global issues of our time, American leadership must be backed up by clear goals and solid strategies. To lead again, it is necessary to restore our credibility as well as influence. Other countries will be able to trust and respect the words of an American president from day one of a Biden presidency.

Putin had Biden counted before he entered the ring. Biden placed a lot of faith in America’s “moral leadership,” but what if Putin doesn’t recognize our “moral leadership”?

America will follow the example of a Biden administration and rally the world for common challenges that no nation can meet on its own. These include climate change, nuclear proliferation, great power aggression, transnational terrorist attacks, cyberwarfare, mass migration, and other issues. Donald Trump’s reckless policies and inability to uphold basic democratic principles have weakened America’s position in the world and hampered our ability to mobilize other nations to face these challenges. This has threatened our security as well as our future.

The climate change negotiations have stalled and China, the number one greenhouse gas emitter in the world, has said it isn’t slowing down its emissions one iota. By allowing Iran to obtain the bomb at the same time as it can enrich the uranium, the Biden administration facilitates nuclear proliferation.

Does Biden’s first term compare to a Trump second? It’s difficult to imagine how a second term for Donald Trump could be any worse.