Red States Gain Wealth as Blue States Lose Ground


When you go woke you go broke. especially since the peak of COVID-19. Traditional powerhouses of economic value like leftist California and New York have been losing money and residents hand over fist, while red states — particularly in the South — have boomed.

Mike Allen, a reporter for Axios on the left, reported that America’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has changed. Allen described it in his newsletter “Heading for Sun”, but that is not the full picture. This shift occurred during the peak of COVID when Democrat-controlled states imposed authoritarian and seemingly endless lockdown restrictions while southern red states opened up. The continued Democrat insanity since then, including the frenzied transgender surgery for children, has encouraged Americans with common sense to leave blue states, which were once hotspots for economic activity.

Axios would naturally not admit it, as the site is left-leaning and supports harsh COVID-19 policies. But, not only businesses go bankrupt when they become woke. States can do it, too.

Allen cites Bureau of Economic Analysis statistics to show that the six fastest-growing US states — Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina — have experienced a “$100 Billion Wealth Migration” according to Allen. Allen, citing Bloomberg, wrote that these six states contribute more to the national GDP of the United States than the Northeast.

Bloomberg reports that IRS data shows that a flood of transplants has helped to steer around $100 billion in new revenue towards the Southeast alone in 2020 and 2021, while the Northeast lost about $60 billion.

Census Bureau has also determined that nine of the fifteen fastest-growing U.S. Cities are located in the South. Six of these nine cities were located in Texas. Texas’s population is growing despite illegal immigration.

Will this have a negative impact on red states? Axios ranked Fort Worth, Texas as the city with the largest population growth between 2021-2022. Phoenix, Arizona, and San Antonio, Texas were also listed. Phoenix has changed from a conservative to a Democrat-controlled city. Many Californians who moved to Arizona voted Democrat, despite the fact that they moved there to escape Democrat policies.

This is all to say, it’s a good idea if Americans are looking to get away from wokeness and destructive Democrat policy. But please do not vote to make Texas and Arizona New York and Illinois. If not, the red states’ new economic boom will soon follow the path of the once-prosperous Northeast.