Based On These Clips, Biden Making It Through 2024 Campaign Is Not Looking Good


Joe Biden’s physical and mental health has been a subject of discussion for some time. In 2020, he avoided being too visible to the public because of the pandemic. But now the pandemic is no longer a cover to keep him from playing the role of president every day. Joe Biden faces a lot of pressure to look in control, and this is as high (if not even higher) than his exposure. It’s impossible to hide him, except to clear his schedule and give him time to recharge away from sight. That’s not a good look.

Ol’ Joe, as president, has many public duties. He was in the spotlight a lot on Independence Day, which is also our country’s birthday. Biden was a mess when he tried to read from the teleprompter during a National Education Association in Washington, D.C.

The White House published a clean-up of the mess to try and cover up for Joe. The official transcript states: “You’ve heard me say it a lot — you’re probably tired of hearing it, but — that children are kite strings. They’re not someone else’s children, they’re ours. Kite strings are what lift our national aspirations high, and you are in charge of those strings.” “You hold these strings.” “Our job is to ensure that you have everything you need to do your best.”

Was that the way Biden sounded? No, not to anyone who heard him.

Oh, there’s more. Biden then proudly praised the Public Service loan forgiveness program for helping teachers to pay off their student loans. He not only mispronounced the name of the public service loan forgiveness program but also completely forgot what he wanted to say when he tried to explain how the program could be found to educators.

He said, “And by the way, this program is still available.” “Go — anyway, contact us so that you can find out exactly how you qualify for the forgiveness because you deserve it.”

Jill Biden made sure that Biden left the stage without further embarrassment.

Although the 2024 presidential election campaign is technically underway, Election Day will be about a year and a half away. Do you think Joe Biden can make it to 2024 after watching these videos? It doesn’t look good.