Pfizer Director of mRNA Research Raises Fertility Worries Over COVID Vaccine


Jordon Trishton, a Pfizer director for mRNA development and research, was caught on tape telling women who are pregnant what they most fear. He is also concerned about the long-term effects of COVID-19 on female fertility, which is a key component of reproductive health.

Project Veritas released an undercover video in which he talks about the possibility of unknown aspects of the COVID-19 vaccine’s mRNA technology affecting women’s menstrual and hormonal cycles.

Dr. Walker stated, “There’s something wrong with the menstrual cycles. People will need to look into that further.”

“The [COVID-19] vaccination shouldn’t interfere with the menstrual cycle. He said that “We don’t know the truth”.

In the video, he also stated that he hoped we didn’t discover that the mRNA lingers within the body in some way — because it must be affecting something hormonal in order to impact the menstrual cycle.

“I hope that we don’t find something really terrible down the line… If something happened downstream, it would be, like, really, awful.” That scandal would have a huge impact on the country.

What is the reason why the vaccine had an effect that it wasn’t supposed to have? He focuses on two areas of his body: the brain and the first. He believes that the blood-brain barrier should protect against vaccine interference and therefore shouldn’t be the cause of any changes in the menstrual cycle.

The problem might also be in the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Gonadal axis. He said, “Well, that’s what’s why it’s strange.” “So, somehow that vaccine must have been interfacing with that axis HPG to be causing problems in the menstrual cycle.” He acknowledged that this could affect the fertility cycle. They control the cycle. He said that if it is affecting this, then it must affect these hormones in some way.”

This shouldn’t be happening again. Walker believes it’s happening. Why is this happening? This is the trillion-dollar question. Schools, colleges, and corporations are all open to women who were concerned about the effects of the vaccine on fertility. In many places, there was no jab and no school.

Even if fertility problems affected only a small percentage of these women, the demographic effect would be devastating and irreparable. Fertility has already reached an all-time low.

Some women were afraid of the vaccine making it more difficult to become pregnant. Bonnie Jacobson, a New York waitress was afraid and was fired. She was not the only one who lost her job due to the mandates from both the public and private sectors.

The first rule of ethics is to never act on a questionable conscience. If you’re doing an experiment that could or might not explode the lab, you must first ensure that the lab is safe before you start. Only then can ethically you act. Uncertain of the outcome is immoral and dangerous.

This is the medical shorthand for it all. A doctor as well as a drug maker are required to “First do no harm.” What standard of ethical care did Pfizer use? How thoroughly did Pfizer review the COVID-19 vaccine prior to releasing it to the general public? This would be the largest medical experiment ever conducted in human history, if not.

Many of these questions are posed by Project Veritas in their video. Congress must find answers to these questions in order to craft legislation that will ensure public safety. It must find out what tax dollars were used in this process. mRNA technology could be the future. It is up to Congress that it doesn’t become a tidal tsunami.