Peter Doocy Bluntly Fact-Checks Biden’s Claim That No One F***’s With Him


Fox News’ Peter Doocy quickly verified President Joe Biden’s viral claim that nobody “f***s with him”

Wait, what did Biden say?!

Biden, who was visiting Florida to assess the damage from Hurricane Ian on Wednesday, was captured on a hot microphone telling Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy he was untouchable.

The president stated, “No one f***s around with a Biden.”

“Yeah, you’re goddamn right,” Murphy responded.

What did Doocy have to say?

Doocy clarified that Biden’s claim to have made a declaration about OPEC’s decision not to reduce oil production is false. Doocy said that OPEC “did just that.”

Doocy stated that OPEC+, a global oil cartel is slashing oil output by 2 million barrels per daily. This decision “could make American inflation worse while giving Russia a way of minimising the impact on global sanctions.”

OPEC+ voted for a reduction in production to help better manage global oil prices.

Biden is particularly upset by OPEC’s decision because he flew to Saudi Arabia in summer to petition officials there for increased oil production. This was despite record-high gas prices.

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Several OPEC members had agreed to increase production following Biden’s visit, but Wednesday’s vote clearly erases these promises.

The decision will not only undermine Biden’s foreign policies and America’s position as a global leader, but it could also cause gas prices to spike due to less product being available on the global market. Democrats are worried about this possibility. Democrats will likely suffer severe losses in 2022’s midterm elections if gas prices rise again.

The White House replied by saying that Biden was “disappointed” by OPEC+’s shortsighted decision to reduce production quotas, while the global economy deals with the continuing negative effects of Putin’s invasion in Ukraine.

Biden could now turn to Venezuela for assistance.

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday night that the Biden administration was willing to lift sanctions against Nicolas Maduro in order to allow Chevron oil to be pumped into Venezuela.

This deal is potentially dangerous politically. The Journal also noted that the deal, even if successful, “would only put a limited amount new oil on the global market in the short-term.”