Biden Drops a Whopper About DeSantis and a Mafia-Like Comment That Has People Talking


As we previously reported, there were many memorable moments in Joe Biden’s comments while visiting Florida to assess the damage caused by Hurricane Ian. One of the most memorable moments was not with Biden, but with DeSantis. DeSantis was there as well and spoke from the same podium. He was placed behind the presidential seal. It looked as if that was a prelude to what was to come.

Biden and DeSantis were both very friendly to one another in their comments. DeSantis thanked Biden and the federal government for their assistance. Biden spoke of this settling the “climate change” discussion as DeSantis seemed to be trying his best to keep the comment in the background.

Biden also made a few comments that raised eyebrows.

Biden claimed that Ron DeSantis “recognized the thing called global warming.” That is a serious doubt. Not to mention the fact that Biden uses natural disasters and people dying as a political argument. It sounds like he is spreading a lot of ill will about DeSantis by that comment. Although I think DeSantis could make a great comeback on that, he might just choose to concentrate on the hurricane response. Isn’t Joe right? Maybe he should just focus on what he is supposed to do — for those who have been so negatively affected on the ground.

Biden spoke about Hurricane Sandy, but he couldn’t resist telling a fake story about his experience with disaster when there was a kitchen fire.

Although it was a large fire that required firefighters, the damage was not as severe as he claimed. It’s quite vile to lie like this in order to identify with people you are speaking with, people who have “an awful lot” of their homes. This is exactly what he does every day — he makes it all about himself.

Perhaps the Biden comment that got the most attention was the one in which he talks to Ray Murphy, Fort Myers Beach Mayor.


Biden stated, “By and by, you were raised the same as I was, so no one f*cks around with a Biden.” The mayor laughed and said, “Yeah you’re goddamn correct.”

Is he really kidding? This was the man who, for 40 years, was a joker in the Senate. He was known for his blunders until the Democrats had him remade to support their claim for power. Barack Obama said that this is the man about whom Biden said not to underestimate Joe’s ability “to f**k up things”. Perhaps because he has lived a comfortable life as a senator, Biden thinks he’s a Mafia kingpin. This is a language that sounds more like Biden’s threat to the Ukrainian prosecutor. Again, why does he make this about himself when it should be about Florida?

Many people on Twitter were quick to point out the numerous times they had “f**ked with” Biden. People pointed out that OPEC cut oil production after he pleaded with them to do so. Vladimir Putin, whom Biden blames for the rise in gas prices and inflation is a weak point. Then there’s the huge gaffe in Afghanistan by Biden and the Taliban.

Tara Reade, the woman who accused Biden of rape, also had some words of wisdom.