PETA Disapproves of California Woman Who Won’t Allow Pro-Gun Supporters to Adopt Pets


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) pushed back against a California animal shelter’s decision to turn away potential pet adopters due to their gun control views.

Shelter Hope Pet Shop Thousand Oaks in California states: “We don’t support people who believe the 2nd Amendment gives them the right to purchase assault weapons. We will not allow you to adopt because our beliefs do not align with yours.

The shelter stated, “If you are hesitant because you believe that teachers should carry firearms, you will not be approved to adopt from our shelter.” If you foster for us and believe in guns, we will arrange to pick up our dogs or cats. The shelter warned that anyone lying about being a member of the National Rifle Association will face fraud charges.

We spoke with Catie Cryar as PETA’s assistant manager. She said that they knew the shelter to do “good work” and were sure that they had the best intentions. However, PETA believes that adoptable animals should be treated well and cared for. This is because of the homeless animal crisis.
Shelter Hope Pet shop is owned by Kim Sill. Kim Sill defended her expectations regarding potential adoptees, given the devastating effects gun violence has had upon her family.

She claimed her husband shot and killed her sister,

Sill stated that she was moved by the tragedy and decided to help animals in need.

She explained that the shelter’s policy was influenced in part by the mass shooting at Uvalde Texas and another shooting near her house in 2018.

Sill stated that “Adoption facilities such as mine can turn down people for many reasons. However, they won’t take you in because you use a certain litter or food. We are a private non-profit and strive to find the best homes for our dogs and cats.

“But, adding this query about gun control has stirred the conversation with those people who don’t believe they should even have told me their situation,” she said. “So that is what I believe is the deal-breaker for most.”

She pointed out that some people were turned down because they didn’t want to answer the gun control question during the shelter’s hour-long interview.

Sill said, “I think your views about guns are relevant because, God forbid, if you have a stroke, your wife calls me up to tell me to come to my house and get the dog.” “It might be difficult for me to come to your house knowing that I am very strongly opposed to you believing it is not okay for an 18-year-old to own a gun.”

Sill said that she received many death threats from shelter callers, but she added that she forgives them.