Ask Joe Biden How Dumb He Is, He’ll Tell You


Joe Biden, as we all know, isn’t exactly the most sharpened tool in the shop. He’s a spoon among knives, okay?

This is something that we all know, but what is really surprising is Biden’s apparent inability to recognize his intelligence. Biden has repeatedly admitted that people around him are smarter than he.

We have the receipts thanks to Townhall’s great supercut:

Although you can throw a rock at Joe Biden and hit him with it, it doesn’t inspire confidence. Biden seems to believe that everyone he knows is more intelligent than he is.

Worst of all, he once claimed that Hunter Biden was the “smartest man I know”.

This is the same Hunter Biden who left incriminating photos and emails at a computer shop and also admitted to his memoir that he smoked Parmesan cheese because it looked similar to crack cocaine.

Hunter Biden stated that he spent more time picking through rugs and smoking crack cocaine in an interview with CBS News last summer. “I probably smoked more Parmesan cheese than any other person.”

Joe Biden sets an extremely low bar when it comes to the intelligence of the people he knows