Paul Ryan Takes Advantage of a GOP House to Showcase His Expertise on Being a Loser


Paul Ryan is the 54th Speaker of Congress. He is currently on a book tour to promote his book, American Renewal. Ryan is a charismatic speaker.

Ryan is also on a tear to be seen as the voice, defining what the Republican Party is all about, and aligning himself with the GOP elite who consider themselves the arbiters of reason and sanity, saving the planet from the MAGA world. Ryan took to the equally milquetoast journalist Jake Tapper’s CNN snoozefest to spout his version of conservatism, and of course, to continue to beat the drum of “Never Again Trump.”

The Washington Examiner:

Paul Ryan, a former Speaker of Congress (Republican from Wisconsin), stated that he was not dismayed by the long speaker election process. ”

This is a typical RINO. You ruin the party, then pretend to regret it.


Ryan spoke to Jake Tapper (CNN) on Thursday. Ryan was referring specifically to the concessions Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R–CA) made to Republican detractors to ensure their votes.

Tapper explained how McCarthy’s speaking power was affected by concessions. However, Ryan suggested that it could be a good thing.

A former congressman said that Omnibus spending bills were his most troublesome.

He said, “A bill that is so thick that only four people could decide on it.” “All that should have been done by four people would be unacceptable. ”

He pointed out, however, the fiscal responsibility behind many of the concessions sought was a major motivator.

Ryan described the speaker election as the “Republicans finally getting moorings back onto the party fiscal responsibility, and limited government”, and called it “the positive thing that all of this weird stuff is.”

This Ayn Rand disciple didn’t limit his power nor did he do anything during his four years as Speaker to limit government. How did it end?

Bupkis. In 2018, the Republicans lost the House of Representatives to Bupkis. Our budget deficit has only increased.

Paul Ryan’s interviews are incomplete without a harsh attack on former President Donald J. Trump.

Trump is quickly fading.

Paul Ryan is still on Fox News’ board. It is still possible for Paul Ryan to remain on Fox News’ board of directors. Kelly and Paul Keary raised $1.5 million for Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign. Doug Band was Bill Clinton’s “body man”.

The feathered globalists seem to be able to flock together.

But Ryan wants back on the national stage and is using this book and a GOP House of Representatives to burnish his credentials again. We all know what this is about: Ryan is not-so-subtly mounting his own 2024 run for president. If Ryan is nothing else, he’s an opportunist, so this latest “tour” is just him doing what he does best.