Parents Protest After New School Hires Elementary Teacher Who Was Disciplined Due to Queer TikTok Teaching


Jenna Hall, an elementary school teacher, returned to teaching after she was disciplined by her previous school for speaking to students about sexuality. She posted to TikTok explaining what she had said to students.

The video uploaded by “Libs of TikTok”, has been viewed over 1.8 million times. Hall stated that he recorded the TikTok while Hall was recording it.

“A lot of them (queer) are queer because they’re queer. They figured it out and so I’ve been their safe space.”

Hall said that her students put a “queer spin” on the game “Guess Who” when they visited her classroom.

She stated:

“This person looks like an unmarried lesbian baddie who will come over to make you dinner” and “Which character looks just plain gay?”

Some parents were hesitant to show their support when they saw TikTok. They said they were concerned that Hall would bring sexual orientation into class discussions.

According to TikTok, Renaissance Academy stated:

“In the video, the teacher describes several inappropriate conversations between former students… Teachers are expected to present themselves with the utmost professionalism. Unprofessional behavior, which violates state code or violates the trust that has been placed in us by our families at Renaissance Academy, will not be tolerated.”

After backlash about the TikTok video, Hall and Renaissance Academy, Lehi, Utah parted ways in May.

Corrine Johnson, Utah Parents United’s public relations director, stated that Hall and the charter school parted ways.

“I believe parents in Utah feel violated when they see such things.”

“That’s a parent’s domain. Parents can influence the values, attitudes, and beliefs of their children. These topics can lead to the realm of religion”.

Hall recently announced that she started working at a new school in a TikTok video.

“My school is brand new, so no one knows each other. So we’re learning social-emotional skills so that we can make friends and be good friends.”

The Daily Wire was informed by a parent that Jenny Hall shouldn’t be around children or teach second-grade classes.

It is shameful that Hall was hired by another school knowing her statements to students and how she wants them to think. Teachers shouldn’t involve children in their beliefs and theories. This is wrong. Beehive Science and Technology Academy has hired her. They are now rewarding her for her words and encouraging her to talk to children about topics unrelated to the curriculum.

The parent continued:

“Our children deserve more from their teachers”. Beehive members removed their children from public schools in search of academic excellence and freedom without any political agenda. It seems that there are few alternatives to children groomers such as Ms. Hall. My family and other families with similar concerns decided to fight back.

Hanifi Oguz (Academy Director) emailed The Daily Wire.

Beehive Science and Technology Academy is a strong advocate for human rights and has been since its inception. This school is against discrimination of any kind. Diverse beliefs and cultures foster acceptance and growth among all.

We will not discuss the qualifications of the person in question due to privacy laws. We can however assure you that the person in question, like all our staff members, has been thoroughly vetted. We are confident that this person will be a benefit to all our students.”

The left confuses them, and it is wrong. No one is saying that people shouldn’t have their beliefs or discriminate against others. These topics, which Hall and other teachers discussed with students, should not be near children or the classrooms. Children should be taught the basics of school, including math, English, and writing. This includes sexual orientation, gender identity, and the use of “proper pronouns.” That is the message that these parents are trying to send by protesting.