Parents Bill of Rights Gets No Dem Votes, Criticized as Fascism and Extreme School Attack


Democrats overturned Friday’s House vote to approve the Parents Bill of Rights Act. They claimed that the bill encourages fascism and extremist Republican views. This bill makes it easier to expel LBGTQ+ students and ban books for students.

The GOP bill was a response to national anger over the lack of information about everything from school curricula, safety policies, and gender ideology within the classroom to critical race theory in the classroom. Parents’ anger at these issues during school board meetings inspired the Justice Department of the Biden administration to investigate the “disturbing patterns” of violent threats against school officials.

The House Republicans approved the Parents Bill of Rights Act. The legislation would require schools to provide parents with reading lists and curricula. Parents would be notified by schools if their staff encourages or promotes gender transition.

The bill passed by a narrow vote of 213-208 which was opposed only by a few Republicans.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democratic-N.Y. Representative, stated on the House floor that the Republican bill “requires the government force LGBT people out before they’re ready.”  “I can tell you my progressive value when we talk about progressive values: freedom over fascism. ”

Republicans rebuffed this argument. They argued that parents should be able to see what’s happening in schools to their kids, especially if they encourage gender transitions unknowingly.

Virginia Foxx, a Republican from North Carolina, is the Chair of the House Education & Commerce Committee. She stated that “the bill doesn’t address students’ identities or statements, but only informs parents about actions taken by school staff in order to implement a Gender Transition, such as changing pronouns or switching locker rooms. ”

Parents have the right to request information from school employees, contractors, and parents if they act to…change the gender markers, pronouns, and preferred names, or allow a child to change sex-based accommodations (including lockers or bathrooms).

Democrats also claimed that Republicans are trying to make banning books from schools more difficult. Many Democrats said that Republicans wanted to ban books in America on a wide range of topics.

Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., House Minority Leader, stated that “Extreme MAGA Republicans don’t want American children to learn Holocaust.” He claimed that Republicans wanted to ban “Melissa”, which details the personal experience of a transgender girl finding her identity, and described it in very personal terms.

They want books to be banned, to bully the LGBTQ+ community, and to bring guns into classrooms and kindergartens.

These arguments were rejected by Republicans who argued that the bill doesn’t ban books. Parents can view the list in their school libraries and have access to those books.

Rep. Ralph Norman (R.S.C.) stated that “nowhere” in the bill is it banning books. He said that the language was intended to inform parents about books found in school libraries that contain explicit material.

Norman and others claimed explicit sexual content was inappropriate for children at certain ages and that it is not an essential educational requirement. Norman also mentioned books that talk about children who “sexually act starting at six years old” or contain explicit images of oral sex.

“Parents, is this something you want your children to read?” Norman asked. “Parents, is this something that encourages academics and allows that child to compete in the 21st Century?”

The House bill today would inform parents if gifted programs are being cut, alert them to violence at school, and allow them to speak at school board meetings.

It also contains a feeling from Congress that states that school districts “should encourage, welcome, and consider that engagement when making decisions.”