Biden Frustrated With Harris for Not Rising to the Occasion, VP is Scared of Messing Up


A Reuters report says that President Joe Biden is frustrated with Vice President Kamala Harris for not “stepping up to the occasion” as his second-in-command.

Reuters published a shocking report that featured comments from high-ranking officials of the Biden administration who had some honest opinions about Harris.

A former Biden official told Reuters that he wouldn’t have picked her if he wasn’t convinced she was capable.

The official said, “But it is a matter that continually rises to the occasion.”

Another former official pointed out that there was a “point of tension” between Harris & Biden.

A second ex-White House official said that Harris doesn’t see her as someone who takes anything from his plate. He said that Harris had been late to join important political fights like the border crisis due to a “fear of messing up span>

Biden named Harris to manage border issues in 2021. She hasn’t visited the border for years. Despite being subject to a lot of criticism by the media and interest groups, she has not visited the border in years.

Harris was questioned by the National Border Patrol Council because she didn’t do her job in January to protect the border.

“If a job is offered to you with the sole purpose of reducing illegal immigration, and you then sit back and see illegal migration grow to levels never seen before, you should be fired.”

A current administration official admitted Harris’ weaknesses in border issues in comments to Reuters.

Harris isn’t the only one to have a dispute over Democratic Party heavyweights. CNN reported Harris stopped taking calls from Sen. Elizabeth Warren after she refused to endorse the Vice President for reelection.

Warren said that he would listen to Biden’s team members if asked by Boston Public Radio whether Harris should be Biden’s running-mate for 2024.

Kamala has been a friend of mine for some time. Kamala was my friend when she was an attorney general. At the time, I was still teaching. We were both involved in the housing crisis together so they are very close. I believe they can work together. I don’t think there aren’t any problems. I believe they are.

CNN reports Warren tried to reach Harris twice in an attempt to apologize for her comments. However, she has yet to hear back from the vice-president

Warren attempted to correct the record, arguing that Harris was always there for her.

Warren stated that the president and vice-president are his supporters and didn’t intend to suggest any other to GBH News.

“They are a great team with a track record of delivering for working parents. ”

Harris and Biden didn’t respond immediately to our request for comment.