Outrage Erupts: The Drama Behind the Two Miss Alabamas


You would have laughed at me if you told me this morning when I woke up that I’d be writing about a pageant. Morning breath and all. We are here.

You might have heard the craziness surrounding a beauty contest winner from Alabama. Both Libs of TikTok (Libs of TikTok) and End Wokeness (End Wokeness) shared a picture of a beauty pageant where an obese woman is ecstatic about winning. She is wearing a tiara with a sash reading “Miss Alabama.”

It is easy to confuse “Miss Alabama”, a pageant in Alabama, with other pageants such as Miss America or Miss USA. We now know more about the Miss Alabama pageant thanks to X’s Community Notes.

Sara Milliken is the winner of this year’s National American Miss Alabama Pageant. It took place at the end of May.


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National American Miss is, to put it mildly, a pageant that’s different. On the About page, the website tells us “NAM” is a program that focuses on fostering a positive self-image through enhancing the natural beauty of women. It also says that the program “is centered around helping girls grow and expand their thoughts about who they are and the goals they have.” We want to make every girl realize that she can achieve her dreams.

All of this sounds wonderful, and I am sure Milliken will be a lovely young lady. If she lost weight, she might be even more stunning. For the record, Diane Westhoven is Miss Alabama 2024 for the Miss USA Pageant:


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It’s not that a lesser-known pageant chose a plus-plus gal to be a winner in a state contest; it’s more about the outrage machine that comes from the news. End Wokeness, Libs of TikTok and others were able to take advantage of the outrage in this case at the expense the truth.

I don’t intend to cast aspersions at either outlet. Both expose the absurdity of the left and provide us with a lot of entertainment, but they look silly in this instance for succumbing to the outrage.

This all underscores how important it is to be able trust your sources of news. We do our best to ensure that everything we report or opine on is accurate. Paula Bolyard has taught me and our part-time editor how important it is that we know the truth about a story. When we make a mistake, we correct it quickly.