Lunden Roberts Exposes Shocking Truth About Joe Biden


Joe Biden didn’t only ignore his youngest granddaughter, he also actively excluded her from the number of grandchildren he claimed to have. Navy Roberts was a non-entity to the Bidens. Hunter Biden is her father.

The mainstream media was naturally there to defend. The press claimed that Republicans were unfair to bring up the fact that Joe Biden disowned a little girl on his son’s request. The press insists that we should all believe Joe Biden when compared to his actions and what he has said.

The White House realized that they had a serious political problem. After all, how can the president claim to be the “empathizer-in-chief” if he doesn’t even care enough to acknowledge his own granddaughter?

Biden’s handlers, therefore, decided that it was time, at least to their minds, to put this issue to rest. On a Friday evening, they released a brief statement.

Joe Biden disowned Navy Roberts again not long after. In March, President Obama told the media that he had “four granddaughters.” He has five.

Was it his senility that was getting the better of him, as it does so often? Was that just Biden being a scumbag manifesting itself? We now have an answer. According to an interview with Lunden Robers, the mother in question, it appears that the president still hasn’t taken any steps to meet his grandchild.

The 33-year old spoke exclusively to Piers Morgan in a new episode “Piers Morgan Uncensored” that premieres on YouTube at 3 pm Thursday. ET.

Navy Joan was born in 2018, after President Biden, now 54, had an affair with Roberts for months. Initially, his son, Biden, refused to acknowledge her existence.

Roberts stated that Hunter and the little girl have been “building relationship” via Zoom. However, neither the President nor First Lady Jill Biden have met the little one.

Remember that Joe Biden and Jill Biden spend four-day weekends at their Delaware property almost every week. It’s not plausible to think that Joe and Jill Biden have been so busy in the past five years that they couldn’t meet their granddaughter. This was a deliberate choice and is inexcusable.

Although I have children, I am a little too young for grandchildren. But I have grandparents and I know that no matter what the circumstances, they will do anything to be able to spend time with their grandchildren. The Bidens’ willingness to pretend that one of their children doesn’t even exist gives a glimpse into their souls. And what they reveal isn’t pretty.

Biden’s reputation as a family man who is devoted to his wife and children is not supported by any evidence. It has always been a myth. Biden is an opportunist who has a clear tendency towards narcissism. He will only protect his children if it means he can protect himself and his career. He doesn’t waste time on anything beyond that, which includes his grandchild.