Ordering Food is Stressing Out Gen Z


Gen Z is often referred to as the “most fearful generation” because they are so frightened of anything, including menus.

The standard answer to all questions is “a double cheeseburger with fries and a draft IPA”. This includes “name, rank, and serial number.”

A menu, whether printed or not, puts too much pressure on the Fragile Generation. It’s hard to imagine that some members of this generation would be able to read, choose an item, and then, (oh horrors!) talk with someone they don’t know. You did indeed read it correctly. Buying food in public has become the latest activity that causes anxiety among the Fragilest.

The New York Post reports that a recent survey by the British restaurant chain Prezzo found that 86% of Gen Z adults suffer from “menu anxiety”. 34 percent of this group reported that they were so nervous that they had to ask a friend to talk to their server. 40 percent said they avoided going to dinner because they fear communicating with the staff.

Gen Zers have a lot of anxiety and have a hard time in social settings that are not digital. Even simple activities like ordering food can be avoided.

They spend so much of their time online broadcasting every detail of their lives to the world, such as their pronouns what they would like to have amputated, or even how they feel, that they don’t know how to function in reality. They may shout, “Hey Hey!” or “Ho Ho!” (that thing they hate) must go. The wolf pack is a common way for them to express their grievances.

We may have created a generation that is immature, selfish, and cowardly.

It could be because their master’s thesis “Genderqueer Proto-Geometry and the Cubist Movement” and the accompanying degree in Nonbinary Art History Studies have not brought them the success they thought they deserved and they are having flashbacks to the morning rush in Starbucks.

Nah, it’s cowardice.

If you’re worried about being attacked by a roving pack of post-adolescent children, now you have a simple way to defend yourself. Just carry menus for Chili’s or TGI Fridays. Or Fuddruckers.