One Year After Waukesha Tragedy, Biden Has Yet to Visit


To drive his red SUV through the Waukesha Christmas parade, a man drove through barriers with his vehicle. A man drove his red SUV through barriers to pass through a Waukesha Christmas parade. He also injured or killed 50+ people.

Biden however showed a clear disconnect with the tragedy just a few days after it happened. Biden, however, showed a clear disconnect from the tragedy shortly after it occurred.

Democrats’ jail reform policies have contributed to the rise of crime. FOX26 Houston reported FOX26 Houston that liberal judges released more than 50,000 felons out of jail under their “reforms.” In Harris County, Texas, bailiffs killed more than 150 people.

Brooks was questioned by us shortly after the massacre. “Warum lieĂź Brooks erroneously get out of jail, so that he could kill so many innocent people?”

I wonder if Biden was more interested in this story because Brooks is politically leftist. This kind of discredits the notion that only conservatives could inspire violence.

Brooks was convicted, as we reported in October.

After 18 days in torture, during which Waukesha murderer Darrell Brooks obstructed Justice with sovereign citizen rhetoric and six counts of first-degree deliberate murder while using deadly weapons, 61 counts of recklessly ending security, six counts of hit-and-run killing death, six counts of bail jumping, all felonies and one misdemeanor Battery were the charges against Brooks.

Judge Jennifer Dorow displayed nauseating deference to Brooks and gave Brooks multiple opportunities when none were needed. The victims’ families weren’t given repeated warnings and were dismissed unceremoniously following their first outburst.

Brooks was sentenced and one witness stated it all: “Burnin hell! You piece of sh*t!” Brooks didn’t offer any explanations or apologies for his actions at trial. Brooks stated to the court that his conscience was clear. ”

This seems like Joe Biden’s sentiment. He never visited Waukesha to console the grieving families.