Elon Musk Just Exposed Twitter’s Censorship Problem in One Simple Tweet


Twitter tried to suppress right-leaning views after lying to the public for years about its biased censorship practices. Elon Musk has now publicly admitted that the platform’s content moderators made censorship decision based on political bias.

Kyle Becker, a journalist, wrote the tweet. He claimed Musk was right-wing and was related to lefty media activists. He changed the rules to ban left-wing fake news from Twitter. He also wrote that there would not be any publishing left.

Musk responded, noting that false narratives posted on left-wing accounts are not prohibited by previous management.

Everyone, except the media, knows that there is no ban on far-left accounts spewing lies.

He cited the Associated Press as an example, which published a report claiming that Russia had launched missiles against Poland.

The Associated Press didn’t publish a false report on Russian missiles hitting Poland. This had serious consequences for escalating the war.

There are many instances of activist media spreading misleading tweets on Twitter. They have used it as their main propaganda tool for over a decade.

The old management didn’t punish these falsehoods. Members who were activists media knew they could use the platform for their stories and not worry about consequences.

The censorship team at the social media company routinely took actions against conservative bloggers who aired views it considered “misinformation.” This was especially true during the COVID-19 epidemic. They suppressed all opinions that were not in line with the Democrat-approved narrative on the virus and vaccines.

This does not mean that all left-wing accounts were barred. Musk claims that he did not treat high-profile activists or media outlets that support activism the same way he treated them

For many years, it was clear that Twitter’s moderators were biased towards the left. Project Veritas even undercover reported that their employees shadowbanned accounts that advocate conservative views. Musk restored their account after the report was banned by the previous leadership.

Another positive step in the right directions. Musk’s open admission that his company allowed misinformation to spread while punishing right-wing views was significant. It validates those who have complained about these policies for years. This public admission by Musk, the CEO of the company, is another step towards Musk’s promise to create a platform that encourages free expression and prevents biased censorship.